Faculty Focus: David Mesplé + Randy Brown

Thursday, January 10, 2019
1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Mary Harris Auditorium

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Learn more about RMCAD’s amazing faculty at this ongoing series. This week’s presenters are David Mesple (Foundations/Fine Arts) and Randy Brown (Photography).

And there will be free lunch!


David Mesplé is a working contemporary realist and conceptual artist and a Fine Arts interdisciplinary doctoral student, which has allowed him to validate many theories of creativity he has developed in over 30 years of teaching studio art. His artwork has been featured in textbooks, PBS features, movies, periodicals, and in a two-person exhibit with Rembrandt van Rijn. His research interests focus on the empathic response to art, ideation strategies, and virtuosity pedagogies. He has presented his work on virtual normativity, haptic interfaces, and essentialism as an inhibitor to creative problem-solving, at conferences in Europe and in the United States.

Current artistic and research interests include: Ethical quandaries between personal and socially- constructed norms, empathy in the arts, Philosophy of Mind, spatial reasoning, quantum dualism, and musical instrument design.


Randy Brown is an artist working in lens based media for 35 years. Currently, creating work for documentary projects, his interests are pointed toward developing socio/cultural narratives that seek out under visualized issues in human culture.

Artists residencies at the MacDowell Colony and the Villa Montalvo Arts Center were critical in his work being in the collection of the Denver Art Museum as well as individual and corporate collections.


The Faculty Focus Series provides an opportunity to highlight and celebrate RMCAD faculty’s work and accomplishments as artists, researchers, and practitioners. Throughout this exciting and ongoing series, faculty members provide insight into their creative endeavors outside of the classroom and how those activities influence and energize their expertise and leadership within the RMCAD community.