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Adam Roland, MA

Adam is from Tampa, FL with a Master of Arts in Interior Design from Savannah College of Art + Design and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design from Ringling College of Art and Design. He holds a certification through the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) and is licensed to practice commercial interior design within the state of Florida.

Adam specializes in office, medical, retail, government, and hospitality interior design projects. His teaching philosophy is to share meaningful design education, instruction, and practice. His goal is to contribute as a mentor to future practitioners. In the classroom, he emphasizes design precedent, process, collaboration, and personal reflection.

He shares that his role as a design educator is constantly evolving. Through a reflective process, he is able to establish and refine his teaching philosophy. As he reflects on the value of design, Adam encourages students to model the same behavior. Design education has the power to change how we think, see the world, and live our lives; it elevates who we are. When Adam isn’t teaching, you can find him traveling, he loves being immersed in new locations, cultures, and ways of life.

Course Credentialing
ID 1230 – Introduction to Sustainable Design, ID 1510 – Survey of Interior Design, ID 2840 – Design Process + Planning, ID 3510 – Building Structures + Systems, ID 3715 – Building Information Modeling: Revit, ID 4000 – Interior Design Senior Portfolio Review, ID 4611 – Interior Design Internship Program Part I, ID 4612 – Interior Design Internship Program Part II, ID 4715 – Advanced Building Information Modeling: Revit, IDSD 2870 – Sustainable Holistic Design, IDSD 3845 – Sustainable Hospitality Design, IDSD 3870 – Sustainable Office Design, IDSD 4200 – Sustainable Design Studio, IDSD 4870 – Sustainable Special Use Design, IDSD 4885 – Captstone Project I (formerly IDSD 4881 – Senior Project I: Sustainable Design Research), IDSD 4886 – Captstone Project Part II (formerly IDSD 4882 – Senior Project II: Sustainable Design Project), ID 4887 – Capstone Project Part III (formerly ID 4883 – Senior Project III: Construction Documents).

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