RMCAD Faculty

Brian Sanchez, BFA

Brian is a Colorado Native residing in Denver with a background in film/character animation and game art development. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design. He has worked on the Emmy award-winning ESPN television series “Sports Science,” which is credited with over 30 games. He believes that every art student has a unique path and that it is his duty to highlight that path and provide the type of instruction and guidance that makes every step of the student’s journey a step toward personal confidence and artistic growth.

As a former RMCAD student, he founded the Nexus Club which provides a place of collaboration and inspiration for students of all disciplines. As he’s transitioned to the role of instructor, he has enjoyed seeing the club thrive and students help each other.

Course Credentialing

AG 1070 – Digital Painting for Film + Games (formerly AN 2270 – Digital Painting for Film + Games), AN2D 3230 – Character Animation + Motion Studies, AN3D 1210 – 3D Computer Fundamentals, AN3D 2320 – 3D Computer Lighting + Materials, AN3D 3230 – 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies, AN3D 3330 – 3D Character + Production Design, AN3D 4250 – Advanced 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies, AN3D 4260 – Advanced 3D Computer Topics , GA 2420 – Game Shader Development (formerly GA 3220 – Game Shader Development), GA 3330 – Character + Level Design, GA 3860 – Digital Sculpting, GA 4110 – Game Animation + Motion Capture

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