RMCAD Faculty

Brook Yeagle, B.S.

Course Credentialing

ID 2000 – Interior Design Sophomore Portfolio Review, ID 3000 – Interior Design Junior Portfolio Review, ID 4000 – Interior Design Senior Portfolio Review, IDSD 2860 – Sustainable Residential Design, IDSD 2870 – Sustainable Holistic Design, IDSD 3845 – Sustainable Hospitality Design, IDSD 3870 – Sustainable Office Design, IDSD 4250 – Sustainable Design Senior Portfolio Review, ID 4885 – Captstone Project I (formerly IDSD 4881 – Senior Project I: Sustainable Design Research), ID 4886 – Captstone Project Part II (formerly IDSD 4882 – Senior Project II: Sustainable Design Project), ID 4887 – Capstone Project Part III (formerly ID 4883 – Senior Project III: Construction Documents).

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