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RMCAD Faculty

Daniel Bohlen, M.Arch.

Dan is from Denver, CO and is currently located in Littleton, CO. He holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters of Architecture. He specializes as an architectural consultant, illustrator and developer. He believes all students are unique and should have an educational environment where they can develop mentally, emotionally, and socially. Therefore, he creates an atmosphere where they can meet their full potential. Dan provides a safe environment where students are invited to share their ideas and take risks. They are able to make choices and let their curiosity direct their learning.

Dan says the best thing about teaching at RMCAD is the synergy of the campus, which is devoted wholly to the arts. The opportunity to experience student work across all programs is a strong influence on his personal growth as a teacher and designer. He’s happily married, a father of four boys, and blessed with a wonderful grandson and granddaughter.

Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:
His work as an architectural consultant, illustrator and developer keeps him connected with the Colorado building community, including Spector and Associates Architecture, a firm specializing in sustainable building. Through his alliance with Spector and Associates Architecture, the team won a Stephen H. Hart Award for Historic Preservation from the Colorado History Society for the renovation of the Austin Building, a 102 year old National Historic Landmark at 2400 East Colfax. In addition, they earned status as the U.S. Greenbuild Legacy Project, a Colorado USGBC Chapter Exemplary Project, and the Mayor’s Design Award for Nine 10 Arts, for the restoration and conversion of five buildings in the Santa Fe Arts District.

Course Credentialing
ID 1230 – Introduction to Sustainable Design, ID 1510 – Survey of Interior Design, ID 1710 – Drafting, ID 2000A – Interior Design Sophomore Portfolio Review, ID 2530 – Building Codes + Regulations, ID 2710 – Introduction to Computer Aided Design, ID 2750 – Architectural Perspective + Rendering Techniques, ID 2840 – Design Process + Planning, ID 3000 – Interior Design Junior Portfolio Review, ID 3510 – Building Structures + Systems, ID 4000 – Interior Design Senior Portfolio Review, ID 4887 – Capstone Project Part III, ID 4611 – ID Internship Program – Part I, ID 4612 – ID Internship Program – Part II, IDSD 3200 – Sustainable Design Strategies + Technologies, IDSD 4250 – Sustainable Design Senior Portfolio Review, IDSD 4870 – Sustainable Special Use Design, IDSD 4881 – Senior Project I: Sustainable Design Research, IDSD 4882 – Senior Project II: Sustainable Design Project, IDSD 4885 – Capstone Project Part I, IDSD 4886 – Capstone Project Part II.


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