RMCAD Faculty

Eric Mullis, MFA

Eric is currently located in Lakewood, CO, and holds an MFA from Boise State. Eric specializes in installation and ceramic sculpture. He has been recognized at the Rocky Mountain Triennial Exhibition and as an Evans School and AiR Vallauris Resident artist. It is Eric’s belief that in order to create a successful learning environment, all students must feel welcome and validated. He believes that educators should meet students where they are and challenge them with work and ideas that will motivate them to learn and grow.

Eric loves teaching foundations courses because he enjoys exposing students to a range of new artworks, ideas, and processes. In these courses, students get to bring their existing interests and skills to the table to make some fascinating objects and experiences. His favorite project to teach at RMCAD is the Studio Seminar Collaborative Project because it helps first-year students at RMCAD build relationships with their peers and brings the whole RMCAD community together. He was originally trained as a production potter and still loves to play with clay but has expanded into creating multi-media installations that include everything from intricately cut paper to projection mapping and physical computing. When he is not teaching or working in the studio, Eric enjoys playing video games with his kid, going for long bike rides, backpacking, and playing board games with his friends and family.

Course Credentialing

ART 1110 – Ceramics I, ART 1170 – Sculpture I, ART 2100 Professional Practice Survey: Voice + Vision (formerly ART 2000 – Fine Arts Sophomore Portfolio Review), ART 2210 – Ceramics II, ART 2270 – Sculpture II Credits: 3, ART 2400 – Form + Content, ART 3270 – Sculpture III, ART 3301 – Special Topics in Fine Arts,ART 3500 – Experimental Studies, ART 3601 – Fine Arts Internship Part I, ART 3602 – Fine Arts Internship Part II, ART 3100 (formerly ART 4600 – Professional Practice), ART 4710 – Ceramics Advanced Studio, ART 4770 – Sculpture Advanced Studio, ART 4803 – Senior Studio I, ART 4804 – Senior Studio II, FD 1020 – 2D Design: Elements + Principles, FD 1120 – Topics in Color, FD 1235 – Observational Drawing, FD 1600 – Studio Seminar: Methods of Inquiry, FD 2130 – 3D Design: Space + Materiality, FD 2220 – Time-based Media, FD 2510 – Special Topics

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