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stig plantell

Stig Plantell, BA

As an adventurous and artistic-technician, Stig Plantell helps creative people achieve their dreams by guiding them through the challenges of digital animation artistry. Stig has lots of hard-earned expertise in filmed entertainment, story and narrative development, 2D/CG animation, stunt performance, scenic and character design. He holds a BA from Montana State University.

Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:
Recently, Plantell’s Advanced 3D Production class won sixth place in a world-wide animation commercial competition. Their project contained a custom-rigged CG dolphin mascot, 2D animated character transitions, live-action video footage and Caribbean-styled design elements all produced during the course of eight weeks. Plantell also frequently posts how-to videos using Maya and Adobe Animate CC on youtube.com.

Course Credentialing
AG 2300 – Animation + Game Art Sophomore Portfolio Review, AG 3131 – Business Ethics + Copyright, AG 3590 – Special Topics, AG 3840 – Experimental Animation, AG 4990 – Senior Project I: Portfolio Preparation, AG 4991 – Senior Project II: Portfolio Delivery + Review, AN 1230 – Fundamentals of Animation, AN 2310 – Creative Visualization, AN 3001 – Animation Junior Portfolio Review, AN 3601 – Animation Internship Part I, AN 3602 – Animation Internship Part II, AN 3760 – Tools + Techniques of Contemporary Animation, AN2D 1390 – Drawing + Acting for Animation, AN2D 4870 – Stop Motion Animation, AG 3350 – Rigging for Animation + Game Art, AN3D 1210 – 3D Computer Fundamentals, AN3D 3230 – 3D Computer Animation Motion Studie, AN3D 3330 – 3D Character + Production Design, AN3D 4250 – Advanced 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies, AN3D 4260 – Advanced 3D Computer Topics, GA 3000 – Game Art Junior Portfolio Review, GA 3120 – 3D Modeling, GA 3601 – Game Art Internship Part I, GA 3602 – Game Art Internship Part II, GA 4350 – Character Rigging

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