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RMCAD Faculty

Todd Dobbs, MFA

Todd is from Columbus, Ohio, and located in Denver, Colorado. Todd’s background comes from his vocational education in the commercial photography program in High School, his BFA in Photography from The Ohio State University, and his MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder. He specializes in fine art photography and digital illustration utilizing modern and historic techniques and exploring the intersections they create. Todd has been teaching photography full-time since 2005, both in person and online. He is particularly interested in researching AI image generation. Todd was included in “Night Lights Denver,” an outdoor exhibition projected on the Daniels and Fisher Clock Tower in downtown Denver for 2023’s Month of Photography. Todd’s primary goal as an educator is to establish strong professional relationships with his students and to support them in their individual goals as artists and professionals in the creative industry. 

Todd says his favorite experiences are when he has the opportunity to open the student up to a whole new way of thinking about photography. His Darkroom I course and its online equivalent Digital Black + White is often the first experience students have with black and white photography, without the comfort and familiarity of color, which completely changes the way they look at images from that point forward. He also loves making the gigantic cyanotype sheet prints with his Darkroom II classes which currently line the hallways of EPIC outside the darkroom space. When not teaching or making art, he enjoys the great outdoors of beautiful Colorado and is an avid environmentalist.

Course Credentialing
PH 1000 – Survey of Photography, PH 1100 – Photography Principles, PH 1150 – Color Management + Output, PH 1500 – Lighting I: Fundamentals, PH 2000 – Photography Sophomore Portfolio Review, PH 2100 – Digital Post Production, PH 2150 – Cinematography I, PH 2200 – Portraiture, PH 2300 – Darkroom I, PH 2350 – Digital Black + White, PH 2500 – Lighting II, PH 3000 – Junior Portfolio Review, PH 3150 – Professional Practices: Marketing PH 3200 – Lighting III: Studio, PH 3300 – Darkroom II: Alternative Process, PH 3350 – Experimental Photography, PH 3450 – Advanced Digital Post Production, PH 3500 – Portfolio Development, PH 3550 – Advanced Portraiture, PH 3610 – Cinematography II, PH 3621 – Advanced Projects + Internships Part I, PH 3622 – Advanced Projects + Internships Part II, PH 3725 – Architectural Photography, PH 3750 – Fashion, PH 3775 – Night Photography, PH 3825 – Photojournalism, PH 3850 – Photo Essay, PH 4100 – Professional Practices: Business, PH 4150 – BFA Senior Portfolio Thesis, PH 4250 – Special Topics in Photo Media, GD 2220 – Raster Image Processing, GD 3010 – Photography for Graphic Designers.

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