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RMCAD Faculty

Tyler Quick, Ph.D.

Tyler Quick grew up in Westminster, Colorado, and currently splits his time between Denver and LA. Quick has a B.A. in International Affairs with a specialization in International Media and minor in Portuguese from CU Boulder, an M.A. in the Humanities from the University of Chicago, and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Communication from USC’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

His work has been published in journals including the Journal of Homosexuality, International Journal of Communication, and Journal of Civic Media, as well as presented at conferences including the International Communication Association, Cultural Studies Association, and Modern Languages Association’s annual conferences. Prior to Quick’s work as an academic, he worked as a research and communications consultant at Project New America – a Denver-based political and corporate consulting firm specializing in youth, minority, and urban outreach and engagement. He has published poetry, and is currently working on a science-fiction novel set in the American Southwest.

Quick’s education pedagogy is based on the Freirean approach – engaging students according to their and their communities’ priorities as opposed to a top-down approach. He looks forward to engaging with students across cultural, geographic, and generational barriers, and am especially eager to engage students in creative praxis as a means to learn about philosophy, anthropology, history, and social scientific thought. His love for Northwest Denver and the surrounding area is deep. He is very committed to environmental, economic, and social justice for this community. In his free time, Quick loves to hike, run, ski, kayak, and generally enjoy Colorado’s unparalleled outdoors!

Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:

Course Credentialing

CCT 2000 – Introduction to Speech Communication, CCT 2100 – Interpersonal Communication, HU 1110 – Humanities I: World Thought I, HU 1111 – Humanities II: World Thought II, HU 2212 – Modern + Contemporary World History, HU 3300 – Topics in Humanities, HU 3310 – Topics in History, HU 3342 – Topics in Contemporary Thought: Theatre Studies, SBS 1130 – Introduction to Political Science, SBS 1150 – Introduction to Sociology, SBS 3360 – Topics in Culture.

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