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Art and design school does not have to be all work and no play. College is about meeting new people and discovering new interests. What better way to start experiencing new things than to join a club or organization that interests you?

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Intended to inspire and educate, it is our goal to get students engaged in their interests outside of the classroom. Student Life offers students fun and unique activities, clubs, and organizations to promote lifelong learning and lasting relationships in an inclusive environment. Whether social, professional, cultural, or educational, Student Life is here to assist you in getting involved in life on campus.

Involvement in student clubs and activities can have a positive impact on the overall experience of students by providing opportunities to meet new friends, connect with the campus and Denver art community, as well as the development of valuable leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

RMCAD also has a variety of student clubs, supported by the Student Government Association and Student Life and representing interests as varied as performance, culture, design, gaming, and other creative opportunities.

Active Student Groups

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AIGA student chapter provides a strong community for design students that focuses on opportunities for students to work alongside other school departments as well as organizations outside of the College to allow students to network and utilize their design capabilities to carry forward in their future careers.

Melissa Casaus

To foster and engage interior design majors in their field of study and to expose them to outside professional recourses within their communities


The Comics Club is a chill community for artists who share an interest in comics! We hang out, talk about art and comics, and work on any personal projects, collaborations, or assignments. We meet online once or twice a month.

Join us on Discord or on the Instagram group chat!

Contact @bezama#0624 on Discord or @nebulous_ink on Instagram!


Guns Club is a place for anyone and everyone to get sick-nasty torso pythons. It’s very simple – you come, train your arms for 30 minutes, go away. You may have concerns like, “What if I have twigs attached to my torso instead of arms? What if I have never trained and am intimidated? What if I am overwhelmed by the expectations of society and am afraid to go outside?” That’s why you come to Guns Club – to silence the steadily-growing negative tidal wave inside your head. You’ll learn to grow you body and receive quality training from club members and its affiliates. Also, there’s no pressure to come. Its entirely voluntary, and you won’t be shamed for your skill or commitment level.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) introduces individuals to facets of difference, enables all to succeed, and creates an environment that respects and values individual differences along varying dimensions. The integral values of DEI guide our academic and institutional development, serving our mission to prepare learners to be forces of change in their industries, communities and the world.

The Alliance supports, inspires and empowers equity and inclusion through community outreach and leadership training.

Tya Anthony

The Nexus Club at RMCAD is the jumping point for creatives curious about life and work in all industries. Its mission is to build a safe and collaborative networking space for both academic and future professionals. The focus is to develop a strong sense of community among artists across many disciplines within RMCAD through shared interests – gaming, animation, fashion, graphic design, art education, fine arts, illustration, interior design, and photography – as well as hosting guest speakers, discussing emerging media and technologies, participating in game jams, and viewing/discussing all aspects of artistic media. The Nexus Club will seek to engage with industry professionals in Colorado and beyond to create a broad network of professional and personal opportunities for current, former and future RMCAD students. Illuminate. Inspire. Collaborate. Connect

Nexus Discord


Our mission is to educate and encourage the inclusivity of different sexual, romantic, and gender identities at RMCAD. We aim to create a safe and friendly environment for LGBTQIA+ and Straight Allies who share a common vision of social equality. We believe that every student should be assured access to LGBTQIA+ education and resources without fear of harassment or violence. We are here to help if you feel alone or voiceless and need someone to talk to.


The RMCAD Photographers intend to create a visual and written forum for aspiring photojournalists, writers, videographers and photographers. Each digital media professional/member of The RMCAD Photographers will receive quarterly photography assignments geared toward producing photographic essays while connecting with local, national, and international media outlets. Assignments will be compiled quarterly into a digital in-house publication then added to each photographer’s portfolio.

Jim Reiman

Schedules change from term-to-term, and not everyone can commit to a full-fledged campaign. To combat this, our Dungeon Masters are collaborating to create an engaging system for weekly one-shot events. These weekly events will be casual and typically last no more than a few hours. The Weekly One-Shot Realm is scheduled to launch Spring B, 2021.

New to Dungeons & Dragons? No worries! We offer a Character Creation Workshop during the first week of every A Term. Learn the basics of the game and build your very first character! We also offer a Dungeon Master Workshop during the first week of every B Term. Learn what it takes to become a Dungeon Master and create immersive worlds, engaging stories, and cunning NPCs.

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The Roll@RMCAD community lives within our Discord server. Chat with fellow students, share interesting content, and keep up-to-date with the latest announcements. Due to COVID-19, all of our events will be virtual. We will be using our Discord server to organize and run events, including club meetings, workshops, and adventures. Join our Discord Server.

The Student Leadership Alliance (S.L.A.) at The Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD) ensures its unification with the Student Body through tangible outreach efforts, philanthropy, and a collection of student, faculty and alumni feedback that is used in the development of policies and legislation. Furthermore, S.L.A. strives to lead the development of programs and services to improve the student body, faculty, staff, and alumni experience based on a consensus of student needs with integral representation from Club + Organization leaders.

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