Learn How to Navigate a Creative Career
Thursday, March 15, 2018 | 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Triboro 102
Lunch will be provided!

What does it take to succeed in a creative career? Get advice straight from a professional during the third installment of our Wayfinding series! Each event will allow you to connect with Colorado-based professionals and hear about their personal path toward a successful creative life.

About The Speaker

“The classroom must be carefully curated to inspire storytelling and ignite ideas,” says Barth Quenzer, the Visual Arts Instructional Curriculum Specialist for Denver Public Schools. Several years ago, he began referring to the classroom as a learning laboratory. After this shift, the student artifacts became windows into the imagination and vehicles for inquiry. Everything evolved into a provocation for questioning and thinking. Through a rich display of images and story, Barth weaves together a narrative of what is educationally possible when students and teachers work together in pursuit of artistic discovery.

About the Wayfinding Lecture Series

The Wayfinding Series connects students to local creative professionals. With equal parts inspiration and honesty, speakers will share their path towards a successful creative life and all of the twists and turns involved in that journey. Addressing career-focused issues such as industry trends, relevant skills, making connections, and professional fulfillment, speakers will highlight that there is no one way to find and live a successful, creative career. Speakers will represent a variety of creative employment opportunities, connecting to multiple academic departments and revealing that professional creatives are found in diverse and sometimes surprising fields.

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