Bachelor of Fine Arts in
Game Art


THE ART OF PLAY... The fusion of imagination, technology, and creative thinking to create an impactful virtual experience is the art of game art. As a game artist, you’ll have the power to temporarily transform life by delivering game art to others through a unique and groundbreaking medium.

Program Highlights

3D Modeling

Lighting +

Visual Storytelling

Character Rigging + Animation

Level Design

Business Ethics + Copyrights

On-campus BFA Degree Requirements

RMCAD’s Game Art curriculum is a merger of technical and artistic coursework that covers the computer, analytical, and technical skills necessary to understand the mechanics of game design. You’ll also be introduced to everything from the different aspects of graphic design to creative and technical writing. This comprehensive approach will inform and inspire your work as a game artist!

* RMCAD offers classes year-round in both on-campus and online delivery formats. At RMCAD, we believe that online learning is an important part of the overall college learning experience. To provide students multiple scheduling options, diverse learning modalities, and experience in the virtual environment, all on-campus students are required to take part in online education.

A game artist’s tools are an imagination and a good grasp of computer technology. You’ll spend a lot of your time working over a laptop or in front of a desktop; a tablet and stylus will become a part of your routine.

A Game Art Bachelor’s Degree from RMCAD does not limit your career options to a single path. RMCAD graduates have successfully launched careers. And we’ll be right there with you after graduation with a network of industry contacts that are waiting for artists like you!

  • 3D Modeler 

  • Level Designer

  • Concept Artist

  • Animator 

  • Lighting Artist 

As a student in the Game Art Program, you’ll learn the fundamentals of game design from character design and development to motion studies and animated storytelling. You’ll work in an intimate environment of limited students for a more individual experience. But you’ll also interact with students from different programs to acquire a broader perspective that fosters greater creativity.

You’ll graduate with a unique vision and the ability to adapt and apply your skills across many spectrums as needed.

Video games foster the mindset that allows creativity to grow and opens worlds that would otherwise not exist. Let a RMCAD Game Art Degree expand your world and propel your future to great heights!


With faculty who know exactly what the “art of play” means, and how to share that concept with their students in a fun and interesting way, you’ll get just what you need to succeed as a RMCAD Game Art student.

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