Bachelor of Fine Arts in

3D Animation




An imagination with no limits, the ability to create a compelling narrative, and a solid technical skill set are the core qualities of a good animator. Because you can draw anything and have a character do whatever you want, the world of 3D animation gives the animator the power of true invention.

Program Highlights


2D and 3D Drawing

Character Design

Line of Action


Stop Motion

Online BFA Degree Requirements

RMCAD’s proprietary virtual learning system is perfect for self-motivated, independent students. It allows real-time collaboration between students and interactive feedback from instructors, enhancing the overall online learning experience.

RMCAD’s online 3D Animation Program curriculum is designed to instill proficiency in students of the software, hardware, studio practices, and tools used in animation production.

Graduates of RMCAD’s online 3D Animation Program find great opportunities to launch successful careers as:

  • Worlds Developer
  • Motion Graphics Animator
  • Commercial Production Artist
  • Architectural Rendering Artist
  • Project Manager – 3D Modeling

Cutting edge companies like Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, Lola VFX, and Industrial Light & Magic are making amazing animation with the support of staff who have attended RMCAD’s online 3D Animation classes.

Students in the Online 3D Animation Program learn to become great animators by not only mastering the technical skills of animation and narrative development, but by understanding the importance of a limitless imagination. Working closely with online faculty, you’ll graduate with core competency in essential areas like as – software/hardware, studio practices and animation production tools.

As a 3D Online Animation student, you’ll learn to work in a team-based production setting that prepares you for a bright future in the animation industry!

Animation frees you from everyday norms and allows your mind to work with endless creative freedom. Liberate your future with an Online Degree in 3D Animation from RMCAD.


The experienced faculty at RMCAD help prepare students to be independent, creative leaders in the industry—equipping them with highly technical drawing skills and an aptitude for developing animation that has purpose, direction, and imaginative narratives.

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