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Animation is the art of bringing life to an otherwise lifeless form. It is the merger of technology, artistry, and storytelling at its finest. Throw in today’s advanced technology and you have virtually unlimited possibilities to create something special. Learn 2D and 3D Animation Online at RMCAD!

Program Highlights


2D and 3D Drawing

Character Design

Line of Action


Stop Motion

Online BFA Degree Requirements

2D Animation BFA
3D Animation BFA

Our Online Animation program with an emphasis in 2D Animation or 3D Animation, is focused on helping students develop their unique, artistic voice. You’ll learn essential animation techniques and tools while you collaborate with talented animators from all walks of life. 

In the world of animation, the most important tool you need is your imagination. Where RMCAD’s Online 2D Animation program focuses on traditional drawing techniques, our Online 3D Animation classes allow your computer skills to take the main stage—with your stylus and high-res computer taking on the lead roles.

Students who graduate with RMCAD’s Online Animation Degree are blazing a trail in the industry and landing amazing career opportunities with groundbreaking companies like Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, Lola VFX, and Industrial Light & Magic. We’re here for you every step of the way with a network of the top companies and industry connections out there, waiting for talented artists just like you to join their team!

Potential animation career paths:

  • Flash Developer/Designer
  • New Media Designer
  • Digital Videographer
  • 3D Artist
  • Character Developer

As an Online 2D or 3D Animation student, you’ll explore the field of animation at every level. You’ll hone your skills as an animator with online training that prepares you for the real world of professional animation. Our Online Animation Courses provide students  the kind of attention and support that allows them to blossom as artists.

The Online Animation program is focused on helping students understand how to use the technical skills and techniques they’ve learned to create original animation and compelling narratives. You’ll not only graduate with an incredible portfolio, you’ll leave RMCAD with the ability to communicate through animation.

Ready to learn more than just the technical skills behind great animation? At RMCAD, you’ll learn to explore the kind of creative thinking that turns an original idea into something extraordinary! Get started today on your version of extraordinary with a Online Bachelor Degree in 2D or 3D Animation.


When you surround yourself with people who share your dreams and also inspire you, you are ten times more likely to reach your goals! RMCAD’s dedicated faculty has the experience and insight to guide you to the finish line.

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