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Graphic Design


Communication without words. The world around us is one big graphic design. Imagery, language, inspiration – these are all part of the collage of our daily lives and graphic design is the visual embodiment of that collage creatively applied across just about every industry. Like words in a book, graphic design tells a story.

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Online BFA Degree Requirements

The best education is multi-faceted and comes from a wide array of sources. That is why technical courses on graphic design techniques and design methodologies are only part of the curriculum in RMCAD’s Online Graphic Design Program. Students also explore history, literature, humanities, and social and physical sciences during their online education. This comprehensive approach gives students an in-depth understanding of the research, design methodologies, and visual graphic theories that support impactful design.

RMCAD’s Online Graphic Design Program is great for self-motivated students who prefer an independent learning environment. Our proprietary virtual learning management system makes engaging with online classes a breeze! You’ll learn all the latest software and technologies out there that are allowing graphic designers to soar to new heights in the world of graphic design.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe XD

You’ll also receive consistent support and communication from RMCAD’s online faculty throughout your graphic design education.

Where do you see yourself after you graduate? At RMCAD, we help prepare our alumni to take on the world. With a graphic design degree in hand and a highly specialized background, graduates are equipped to launch their career in a variety of design fields, including:

  • Creative Director
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Web Designer
  • Production Art Manager
  • Communications Manager

As a student in the Online Graphic Design Program, you’ll become well-versed in the industry tools and technology while you learn principles of visual composition. Experienced and practicing industry professionals are your online faculty who will teach you elements of research and design methodologies as well as graphic theories.

You’ll graduate with comprehensive knowledge and skills in the field of graphic design, prepared to launch a successful career in graphic design.

What do you want your work to say? A Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in RMCAD’s Online Graphic Design Program will have your designs speaking for themselves without you saying a word!


Our Online Graphic Design Faculty will go the extra mile to make sure you receive all the academic support you need to succeed and will be with you every step of the way! As practicing graphic designers, they’ve been where you are and know how to help you achieve your goals as an artist.

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