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You’re passionate about art + design, and you want to get a jump start on your future before graduation.

RMCAD has high school programs that include workshops offered throughout the year and art camps during the summer months. Through year-round programs, you can access our talented faculty, experience college life, and prepare for your creative future.


RMCAD offers the opportunity for exceptional junior and senior high school students to enroll for college credit while still completing their high school degree. RMCAD’s Dual Enrollment credits may be used to satisfy high school subject or credit requirements, as determined by the student’s high school. Dual Enrollment students may take online courses and register for one class in an 8-week term and up to six credits per semester for a total of 12 credits in an academic year.

Financial Aid is not available and cannot be used to cover the cost of attendance, books, or supplies—although students may receive financial support from their high school.

Admission to RMCAD

Dual enrolled students will automatically be accepted to RMCAD upon meeting the college’s admissions requirements. College credit is awarded for Dual Enrollment and will apply towards degree requirements at RMCAD. Contact us to learn more.

Dual Enrollment Courses include :  


RMCAD’s summer camp is a program open to high school juniors and seniors who are interested in studying art and design. Over the course of three weeks, students will complete RMCAD’s Studio Seminar: Methods of Inquiry course.

The Studio Seminar course is a required class for all RMCAD freshmen. This means that high school students will have the opportunity to:

  • Take a real college course taught by RMCAD faculty members
  • Create art pieces to build their portfolio
  • Earn three credit hours to be applied to their degree if they decide to attend RMCAD.

What Students Will Learn at Summer Camp

Studio Seminar: Methods of Inquiry combines ideation methodologies and studio practice as a holistic introduction to the visual arts, laying the foundation for active and critical reflection and engagement. The course focuses on critical thinking, problem solving, and visual strategies utilized in studio practices.

These methods and processes are supported by lectures, class discussions, research, and writing. Additionally, the course is complemented by hands-on studio projects that draw on creative and critical skills, and critiques, which are executed both individually and collaboratively.

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