A day in the life of a TechBar student worker

A day in the life of a TechBar student employee

TechBar is RMCAD’s Information Technology (IT) team that provides technical support to both our online and on campus students, faculty and staff. The team offers a unique work study opportunity for students to get hands-on experience working with several technology softwares as well as mastering the art of troubleshooting. Not to mention, as the job takes place on campus, it’s a perfect fit for busy college schedules. We interviewed Aura Hucks and Fenris Gimble, current student workers, to learn more about what it means to be a part of the TechBar team.

What is your favorite part of the job?

Aura: My favorite part about my job is being able to practice problem solving skills and assist people! It’s great when you’re able to eliminate stress by helping solve someone’s issue. I also enjoy that I have such a massive opportunity to build on my tech skills!

What does a typical day look like as a TechBar student worker?

Fenris: A typical day in TechBar consists of helping solve login issues, printer issues, helping students use technology and checking out cameras and microphones to students and staff. We also walk around campus to ensure everything is up and running, and that no one is having any technology issues.

How will these skills help prepare you for your future career?

Fenris: I am looking to start my own small business creating tabletop roleplaying game gear and accessories, so working at TechBar has helped me learn how to troubleshoot things, such as printers, both 3D and laser printers, computers and programs, that will help me when running a business.

Aura: I’m currently majoring in Game Art, and working at TechBar has taught me how to conduct myself professionally. I’ve been able to build great social skills, learn how to problem solve and gain an interest in other career options. After graduation, I will be looking into IT jobs!

What is your favorite problem to solve as a TechBar worker?

Aura: I really like solving printer issues, such as software complications, clearing jams and working on hardware problems. It’s super fun and feels like one big puzzle!

Fenris: My favorite problem to solve is helping with software set up. The other day, an Autodesk program was causing issues for a student, so I helped by creating a designated folder for her projects, so the files stopped disappearing on her computer.

What advice would you give to a student interested in joining TechBar?

Aura: TechBar is much more than a desk job, most of the time you’ll catch us running around and doing manual work. If you have a good amount of energy and genuinely care about the people you’re assisting and what you’re doing, then this job is right up your alley.

What is the best part of being a TechBar student worker?

Aura: The best part of TechBar is being around individuals who really care about the wellbeing of their peers. It’s super rewarding knowing that you were able to help someone who was struggling, even with a minor issue. It’s great being around such caring and supportive people from the TechBar team, it’s my little family and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Next time you are in need of technology assistance, please submit a ticket or visit their office in the basement of the Texas building. If you are interested in learning more about work study opportunities, contact tcraven@rmcad.edu and keep an eye on the RMCAD career page for future postings. A special thanks to the TechBar team and all our student workers!


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