Five Ways Art School is Different from a Traditional College

Five Ways Art School is Different from a Traditional College

It’s time to start your higher education journey and one thing is for certain – you know you want to become an artist, but you’re not sure what school to attend. Choosing between art school and a big university can be a tough decision, and honestly, a very personal one. Let’s walk through the top five ways art school is different from a traditional college!

1. Creative coursework
First is the creative coursework offered at art schools! You have the opportunity to take unique electives and truly find your niche as an artist. However, don’t think this means you can skip math, science and other general education courses, these are still requirements for art school programs. At RMCAD, some of the courses that stand out to our students include: animal anatomy and drawing, character animation and motion studies, typography and ethical fashion practices – just to name a few. Take a look at our Instagram for an up close look at students’ work!

2. An art community
Because you are on an art-focused campus, you will be surrounded by like-minded creatives who share your goals and aspirations. What better atmosphere to hone your craft! At RMCAD, we put an emphasis on Student Life and organize weekly events for our students to come together virtually or in-person. Our campus also offers a wide array of clubs and organizations, including The Nexus, the American Society of Interior Designers, PRISM (LGBTQIA+) and the Comics Club.

3. Entrepreneur focus
Next, art school provides students with the tools to become successful entrepreneurs, business owners or freelance artists. These are valuable lessons to learn and help set students up for success post-graduation. At RMCAD, our professors teach students applicable business skills, including learning how to market and sell their masterpieces.

4. Artistic mentors
It’s not hard to find an artistic mentor or two (or four) while attending art school. One of our favorite things at RMCAD is that our teachers are not only professors, but also working artists. Because they are working artists, they are able to provide great insight to our students about expanding their career. Check out some of our professors’ remarkable work at Meow Wolf! In addition, our campus regularly hosts alumni and visiting artist events, where students can get further advice and inspiration. Be sure to keep up with the latest happenings on our events calendar!

5. Advanced technology and facilities
When it comes to technology and state-of-the-art facilities, art schools can put a sole focus on art-specific technology, unlike larger institutions which don’t have the same luxury. At RMCAD, we are proud to have a fabrication lab right on campus, also called our FabLab, where a variety of our technology lives to help students create and explore. The tools available in the FabLab allow students to bring digital works to life through laser cutting and engraving, vinyl cutting and 3D printing. Our lab also hosts a vacuform machine, which allows you to create multiple plastic forms from a prefabricated form. The space is used as a learning environment and hosts workshops to teach students how to master the hardware and software. A fun fact, the lab is available for students at their leisure outside of normal class times.

We hope these five ways art school is different from a traditional college will help make your decision a little easier when deciding your next steps. If you have further questions about RMCAD, please submit a request information form or plan to attend one of our upcoming Open Houses this summer. We look forward to welcoming you to RMCAD!


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