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Future RMCAD Student FAQ’s

Update: On Monday, August 3, 2020, RMCAD decided to delay fully reopening through the Fall A term. Instead, we will offer online instruction paired with increased on-campus resource access by appointment through a Blended+ learning environment. Click here to learn more.

The spread of the coronavirus is a fluid situation worldwide that continues to unfold. As incoming Fall 2020 students, we at RMCAD understand you may have some anxieties surrounding the situation. Our goal is to give you all the information we can to ensure you are as excited about attending RMCAD in the fall as we are to have you. Below please find answers to frequently asked questions that have arisen in the last few weeks.

What measures are the college taking to protect its students?

As of Friday, March 13, 2020, RMCAD has fully transitioned to its blended learning model through the Summer B term ending on August 21, 2020. Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. This has proven to be a successful temporary resolution as RMCAD has been a leader in online art and design education for over 10 years.

Will classes in the Fall of 2020 still be held on campus?

Our August 31, 2020 (Fall A) classes will proceed as planned regardless of modality, even if COVID-19 is not mitigated by then. We will abide by local, state, and federal guidelines to open campus as soon as deemed safe and appropriate by those governing bodies including the CDC. To be the first to know about updates on campus, and other RMCAD news, please subscribe to our mailing list. 

Should I still apply for housing?

Yes. Even if we start with a blended learning model for Fall 2020, securing housing is important as in most cases it is first come/first serve. As of now, our off-campus housing partner The Regency is still open and moving people in based on availability. They are still operating as normal and do not plan to make any changes due to COVID at this time. They will be moving students in as normal on the weekend of August 14, 2020. If students are unable to honor their lease term for any reason at the Regency due to COVID-19, they will need to give the Regency 60 days notice to have their lease terminated. They will not be charged any fees for the termination, however will not receive a refund on the application fee or admin fee. As far as alternative housing options such as leasing companies, apartment complexes, private owners, etc, please reach out to them directly for questions. To connect with fellow students looking for housing for the Fall 2020 semester, you can request to join the RMCAD Housing Facebook page.

What are my options for student housing? 

RMCAD Students can apply to The Regency Student Housing, Auraria Student Lofts, or CoLab Student Apartments.

Which student housing community is most popular with RMCAD students?

Most RMCAD students choose the Regency Student Housing. The Regency is located 15-20 minutes away from the campus, close to Downtown Denver and Coors Field.

Which of the three student housing options is more affordable? 

The Regency Student Housing has multiple floorplan options and therefore more options when it comes to pricing. Auraria Student Lofts has comparable prices to The Regency with fewer floorplan options. CoLab is a new community that opened in September of 2019, making it slightly more expensive.

Which of the three housing options are closer to campus?

– CoLab is located about 10 minutes from the campus opposite the Auraria Light Rail Station.
– The Regency is located about 15-20 minutes from campus on the North West side of Downtown Denver. RMCAD offers a free shuttle between the Regency and campus, which runs in line with the class schedule, Monday through Friday.
– Auraria Student Lofts is located about 20 minutes from campus in the heart of Downtown Denver. Students can hop on the free 16th Street Mall ride to Union Station and catch the W line to the Lamar Station to get to campus.

Are the units at these communities furnished?

All student housing units come fully furnished.

Does The Regency require a meal plan?

The Regency does not require a meal plan as a part of their lease. They will be renovating the dining hall and cafeteria and adding a few new food options that will be available to students in the fall. The RMCAD shuttle makes one run each week on Fridays to a local grocery store to allow students to get their essentials.

How do I find a roommate if I apply to live at The Regency?

Once you submit your application, the Regency will work with you to help you find a roommate. They will ask you to login and create a profile on

When it comes to housing, what is more affordable, student housing or an apartment?

Student housing is generally cheaper in cost. The price you see listed on the website and application is the price you will pay for yourself and includes utilities. The Regency’s prices range from $599-999 per month, whereas a one bedroom apartment in Denver usually starts at around $1,100 per month and a two bedroom apartment usually starts around $1,400-1,500. We recommend splitting this cost with at least one other roommate. In most cases, utilities are not included in the cost of rent at an apartment and you will be responsible for setting up your own internet.

Do apartments in Denver come furnished?

No, most apartment units are not furnished. If you would like to have your apartment furnished before you move in, you can use a third party furniture rental company, such as CORT, to furnish your space.

Which apartment complexes are closest to campus?

Concordia Apartments and Sloan’s Lake Apartments are within walking distance of campus, located on 20th and Pierce Street.

What are the best locations to live in around Denver? 

Many RMCAD students find apartments in the areas surrounding campus, which include Lakewood, Edgewater, and Wheatridge. If you don’t mind a short commute before and after class, Golden, Arvada, Thornton, Westminter, and Littleton are also great areas to look for housing. Students that are looking for something closer to Downtown should consider Capitol Hill, Wash Park, and the Baker area.

How do I apply for a roommate if I apply to live in an apartment?

Students can download and fill out a Roommate Available form here. Once complete, please submit your form to Your form will be posted on RMCAD’s Housing Group and will be sent to other students that are looking for roommates via email. Students on the Facebook group will be able to contact you using the information you have provided.

What kind of support services does RMCAD have for students to utilize?

We understand that this is a time of uncertainty. There can be feelings of loss from missing out on life events like art exhibitions
, award ceremonies, senior games, prom, etc. At RMCAD we have a team of Mental Health Counselors devoted to providing support. As a student starting in the Fall of 2020, you will have access to these counselors from day one, and the ability to schedule appointments with them via phone and email. Once you are enrolled, email to schedule an appointment:

As far as academic support, the SLC (Student Learning Center) is available for students to utilize. The SLC assists with online learning, study tips, tutoring, and much more. Fall students can contact the SLC by emailing or calling 303-225-8605.

What kind of scholarships are being offered to incoming students?

Based on the admissions materials submitted by the student discussed with their Admissions Counselor, each student will be evaluated automatically for our artistic and academic scholarships. For additional scholarship opportunities both internal and external, please read our scholarship page as each has different requirements and prerequisites. Some popular scholarship resources are:

For additional questions about scholarships, please reach out to your Admissions Counselor or Financial Aid Advisor.

How can I get my portfolio reviewed?

We are still offering the Community Portfolio Review scholarship, which includes a formal portfolio review of students’ work. Reviews are now being offered virtually. For those interested in getting their portfolio reviewed, please reach out to your Admissions Counselor for details. To prepare for a portfolio review, students should have 10-15 completed pieces compiled and be prepared to present, talk about artistic style, motivations, pieces, etc.

What is RMCAD doing to provide updates in regards to COVID-19?

RMCAD is proactively making necessary adjustments to protect the health of our students and maintain a strong academic experience. For ongoing updates, please continue to check our COVID-19 information and resources page.

How can I stay connected with other students starting in the Fall?

Follow RMCAD on Instagram
-Use the hashtag #RMCADBOUND as you received in your acceptance packet to connect with others attending RMCAD in the Fall of 2020.

-Share with our community and fellow students words of encouragement, uplifting images, or whatever is keeping you creative during this time! Post what you create to Instagram and use the hashtag #RMCADPSA.

– Be in the know of what’s happening while connecting to your classmates, advisors, and professors by downloading the RMCAD App.

Continue to stay safe and healthy, and know that you are not alone in this experience. As you begin your college journey towards your educational and career goals, we are here as a resource to assist during these unpredictable times. Please reach out to your Admissions Counselor with any additional questions about getting started in the Fall semester.


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