How to use three-point lighting

Three-point lighting is a common technique used by content creators. For photography, it is useful for professional portraits whereas, in videography, it is useful for interviews. Three-point lighting consists of your key light, fill light and backlight. We met with Jim Reiman, Chair of Graphic Design + Photography who explains how three-point lighting works.

Key Light
The key light is the most important light because it defines your subject the most. It is important to know that since the key light is your main light, it is also the reference point for your other lights.

Fill Light
The fill light is used to fill in the shadows created by the key light. This will give your subject a softer appearance.

The backlight separates the subject from the background, adding dimensionality to the overall look.

Click here to see more RMCAD tutorials. Shout out to Graphic Design student, Melissa Casaus on helping us with this shoot!


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