Stay ahead of your coursework by visiting the SLC

The Student Learning Center (SLC) is one of RMCAD’s resources that will improve your performance in the classroom, GPA and help you prepare for your career! Whether you are on-campus or online, here are a handful of ways you can get help from the SLC:

Physical and Digital Tip Sheets
The SLC has an extensive collection of tip sheets, covering everything from AutoCAD to Scholarly Articles. Need a quick refresher or more information on a specific topic? Stop by the SLC in Triboro 116 and peruse them in person or access them online from the SLC’s Google Drive (make sure you’re using your RMCAD email when accessing the drive).  

Online Appointments 
Don’t want to leave the comfort of your home? Whether you’re an online or an on-ground student, you can always schedule an online appointment. Online appointments take place via Google Hangouts, a free software program that allows us to share screens so that we can see what you’re working on. Don’t worry if you’ve never used Google Hangouts before; we can help you set it up.

Repeat Appointments 
You can schedule repeat appointments with a tutor! If you know you’re going to need extra help in a class, or if you just like the idea of having a set time each week to talk through your assignments with someone, then repeat appointments might be just the thing for you. Regular appointments can keep you accountable, and they also allow you to develop a relationship with a specific tutor. 

Help with Presentation Skills
Did you know we can help you work on that presentation you need to give in your Art History class? Getting feedback on your presentation or speech can provide you with the confidence and tools you need to speak in front of an audience. 

Time Management and Organization Help 
College is not easy. Luckily, many of our tutors can help you improve your time management, organization, and general academic skills to set you up for success in your classes. Scheduling a session for guidance on these skills might be especially beneficial if it’s your first year in college or if you haven’t been in school for awhile.

Having someone to support you as you navigate college life can make a huge difference in terms of academic, personal, and artistic success. A mentor can also be valuable in helping online students feel more connected to the RMCAD community. When self-scheduling an appointment, select “Mentor” from the drop-down menu, or let us know you want to be paired with a mentor when calling or emailing the SLC. 

Take a break and grab a snack! Most of the time, we have a bowl stocked with candy, chocolate, Gold Fish, etc. 

How to Get the Most Out of a Tutoring Session 

Bring in any assignments you want help on
Need some feedback on a paper? Struggling with perspective in a drawing? Tutoring sessions are a lot more productive if you bring in the assignment you’re working on!

Don’t schedule an appointment at the last minute
Scheduling an appointment the day on which your assignment is due is generally not a good idea. If there are major improvements that need to happen, you likely won’t have time to work on them. And, if your tutor knows that you don’t have a lot of time, they won’t always address some of those larger, global issues that might be present in your assignment (issues that could seriously affect your grade). 

Come with specific questions and a goal in mind 
While not required, bringing in questions and a goal can make a tutoring session more productive. For example, if you’re struggling with understanding an academic article, try to pinpoint areas in the article that are particularly confusing. If your goal is to identify its thesis, maybe highlight a few areas where you think it’s located. 

This article was written by Sophia Gish from The Student Learning Center (SLC). The SLC welcomes students from all programs both on-campus and online who strive to do better in the classroom while perfecting their craft. You can click here to learn more about this excellent resource!


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