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Meet The Creative Engine

If you have been on campus recently, you’ve probably noticed RMCAD’s new addition – a fire truck. Yes, you read that right, RMCAD is excited to welcome a fire truck to its fleet! Once an emergency vehicle for the Adams County Fire Department and then a farmer’s prized possession, this truck, now called The Creative Engine, is ready to start its third life as a new member of the RMCAD family. Like the Wandering Pixel, The Creative Engine will help promote our remarkable school and programs. 

Behind the design

As an art and design school, we are always looking for a unique way to share our creativity and this truck presented the perfect opportunity to do just that. As a mobile billboard, we designed The Creative Engine with boldness in mind. In addition to our signature RMCAD orange on the exterior, we included the bust of Michelangelo’s David. The statue by the renaissance master represents RMCAD’s influence as a pioneer in the arts. Although the fire truck has been wrapped, all of its original bells and whistles remain fully functional. From the 500-gallon water tank, to the siren, to the ladder, the truck is still rocking its signature features. Even the name The Creative Engine was chosen to reflect the values of ingenuity and originality and was chosen by the RMCAD community.

On-Campus Involvement

Encouraging creativity in the community, the truck has big plans to make local appearances and participate in community festivals and parades. So far, the fire truck has been a part of The Denver Arts Fest and the Colfax Marathon as well as a series of on-campus events such as information sessions and open houses. Like the Wandering Pixel, we hope to use this vehicle to bring further awareness and increase education about careers in the arts. From graduation to RMCAD’s annual fashion show, and even orientation, be sure to keep an eye out.

The Creative Engine’s Next Outing 

The Creative Engine is attending its next off-campus event on Saturday, March 11, 2023. This outing will be at Denver’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, along with the Wandering Pixel and a devoted crew of RMCAD participants. The Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade dates back to 1889, although the current form of the parade was not officially established until 1963. That said, 2023 marks an exciting milestone for both the Denver St. Patrick’s Day Parade and RMCAD for celebrating 60 years of bringing the Denver community together through art and culture. 

At RMCAD, we truly believe that art can change the world – even art on a fire truck! Be sure to be on the lookout for The Creative Engine around town and tag us on social media @RMCAD or use #RMCAD! 


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