an artist paints a mural on a garage door

Muralfest Brings Art To colfax

On Saturday, August 8, 40 West Arts hosted MuralFest, a day celebrating art, music, food, creative activities, and the weeklong efforts of selected mural painters. Organized by the West Colfax Community Association, in association with 40 West Arts and RMCAD, the annual festival brought together creative activities from established and emerging artists in urban art, graffiti painting, and the modern music scene. From 11 a.m. – 7 p.m., featured juried artists from across 12 states and 4 countries showed off the murals they had been working on over the week leading up to the event.

RMCAD student Jade Phillips (pictured) and alumnus Daniel Chavez were two of the seven selected mural artists, chosen out of 70 applicants based on the strength of their initial concepts and presentations to the selection committee. MuralFest saw 2,000+ guests enjoying the day’s activities and music from Latin Jazz band Conjunto Colores.

“What an amazing event for the West Colfax community!” said 40 West Arts Board Chair Bill Marino. “While the bands and the booths and the banners from the festival are gone, what still remains is the creative essence of the event—seven amazing murals from seven amazing artists who each left a piece of their hearts with West Colfax forever! Plans are already underway for next year’s MuralFest.”

Photo: Lindsey Bartlett


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