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RMCAD At National Portfolio Day (NPD) 2015-16

In addition to hosting the first National Portfolio Day of 2015-16 on its Denver campus, RMCAD will be in attendance at NPD events around the country. See below for all NPD dates/locations that RMCAD will be attending.

9/26/2015 Denver, CO
9/27/2015 Atlanta, GA
9/27/2015 Des Moines, IA
10/3/2015 Cincinnati, OH
10/4/2015 Cleveland, OH
10/10/2015 San Diego, CA
10/10/2015 Austin, TX
10/11/2015 Dallas, TX
10/10/2015 Indianapolis, IN
10/11/2015 Minneapolis, MN
10/17/2015 Milwaukee, WI
10/17/2015 Memphis, TN
10/18/2015 Nashville, TN
10/18/2015 Chicago, IL
10/25/2015 Ann Arbor, MI
10/24/2015 Kansas City, MO
10/25/2015 St. Louis, MO
10/31/2015 Richmond, VA
10/31/2015 Hartford, CT
11/1/2015 Boston, MA
11/7/2015 Toronto, Ontario
11/8/2015 Philadelphia, PA
11/8/2015 Rochester, NY
11/15/2015 New York, NY
11/21/2015 Washington, DC
11/22/2015 Baltimore, MD
12/5/2015 Phoenix, AZ
12/6/2015 Albuquerque, NM
1/9/2016 Seattle, WA
1/10/2016 Portland, OR
1/16/2016 New Orleans, LA
1/16/2016 San Francisco, CA
1/17/2016 Los Angeles, CA
1/23/2016 Miami, FL
1/24/2016 Sarasota, FL


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