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The art of creating, sharing, and performing music is a powerful tool to transform and reflect our human experience. Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design is excited to announce the launch of its Online BFA Music Production Program, aimed to turn your passion for music into an inspiring and sustainable career, where you’re not just learning techniques to create music, you’re also learning why that music matters and becomes meaningful to listeners.

Music production is one of the most exciting industries in the modern world. Producing music involves a multi-faceted and diverse process including elements of songwriting, arranging, tracking, editing, mixing, and mastering. The process varies, and the exciting part about the industry is that there are no rules. The music production world is filled with composers, songwriters, recording engineers, arrangers, performers, instrument designers, sound designers, field recordists, foley artists, lyricists, audio mixing and mastering engineers, podcasters, and installation artists. Increasingly, rather than wear only one hat, music technology enables you to wear many. 

RMCAD’s Chair of Music Production, Sean Peuquet, says that the degree empowers students to blend their creative and technical talents in pursuit of new forms of sonic expression. “There’s never a dull day with a career in music,” Peuquet said. “There are so many opportunities, as new technologies and creative possibilities emerge, to craft your unique voice and find new ways to share it.” RMCAD’s Online Music Production BFA Program incorporates the diverse technical, cultural, and creative elements of today’s music industry, and weaves them together to help students reshape tomorrow’s music and multimedia production industries. Students studying Music Production at RMCAD can expect to learn the musical, technical, cultural, business, professional development, and communication skills needed to succeed in an ever-evolving industry. They will compose music in different styles, engineer high-quality sound recordings, record audio, analyst music theories, and so much more. 

Simply put, music production is the process of making music. The more comfortable you are with the process, the easier it will be for you to make the music, and to make it sound good. Gaining comfort and confidence starts with formal education and training. For those interested in starting their own business or entering the world of music production, attending school is the first step. To learn more about the online BFA program at RMCAD, or talk to someone about enrolling in music production, click here.


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