FAQ’s for Our Spring B 2021 Term

As of the Spring B 2021 term, RMCAD will offer online instruction paired with increased on-campus resource access by appointment through a Blended+ learning environment.

RMCAD’s COVID-19 Task Force has developed a plan, supported by specific policies and protocols, to guide our behaviors and prioritize the health, wellness, and safety of our community. With vaccinations becoming more accessible to the public, we encourage you to bookmark this page to stay updated on your eligibility.

To answer some common questions that you may have, please thoroughly read the key elements of the Spring plan below.


What is Blended+ learning?

When RMCAD transitioned to remote operations in March 2020, we adopted a new Blended learning format to serve our on-campus students. Blended learning is an approach to education that combines online educational materials and opportunities for interaction online with traditional place-based classroom methods. It requires the physical presence of both teacher and student, with some elements of student control over time, place, path, or pace. 

Blended+ expands on that modality with the addition of increased on-campus resource access by appointment. Resources will include creative services such as studios, workshops, darkrooms, computer labs, library, and study areas. As we progress, we will also identify on-campus supplemental workshops for our students.

What are some advantages of Blended+?

Blended+ Offers many advantages that students may prefer over strictly online learning.

  1. Courses all incorporate synchronous meetings for stronger communication.
  2. In certain cases, material costs and technology resources have been approved to be purchased directly to support students.
  3. Increased tutoring resources have been embedded in each Blended+ learning course.
  4. We have deployed an instructional design team that is dedicated to supporting Blended+ learning instructors.
  5. As we progress, specialized in-person workshops will be provided to enhance remote learning.
  6. Access to increased staffing and resources for accessibility including closed captioning.
  7. Access to on-campus facilities such as labs, studios, darkrooms, and more through appointment.

What are curent students saying about the transition?

“Being a [blended learning] student to me means I get the full arsenal of the school in a time like this…I would implore all to be in the [blended learning] system. You actually get a prime amount of resources and time from your school and professors. I’ll be honest with you, if we moved to a purely online situation as in the discussion posts and no meetings and just LMS I would be in a  completely different perspective…Others should realize their loans are purchasing an environment of peers and professionals. An experience you can’t really put a price on.”
— Bryan Perry, Game Art Student

“The transition has been pretty manageable. A lot is being offered considering the limitations of not being on campus…My experience with instructors has been amazing. Each teacher is working non stop around the clock to make this transition and the course schedule as accurate as possible. I am quite surprised at the synchronization and communication that has been managed.”
— Spencer Parsons, Graphic Design Student

What campus resources will I be able to access?

Resources will include creative services such as studios, workshops, darkrooms, computer labs, library, and study areas.

Administrative resources such as Counseling, Financial Aid, Admissions, Advising, and the Registrar’s office will continue to be available remotely by appointment.

How can I access campus facilities?
Three Steps to Access Campus Facilities

  1. Download the RMCAD Mobile App. Click here to download.
  2. Once in the app, click on the Schedule Campus Resources tile and follow the steps to reserve your space.
  3. When you arrive on campus, immediately get your temperature taken at one of our touchless kiosks and scan the QR code using the RMCAD mobile app.

Watch this short video to see this process in action. Current Students can also use their RMCAD email to access our Student Resources Google Drive to watch a recording of a Q+A Event regarding facilities access. Please be sure to follow all safety requirements while on campus, including wearing a mask at all times and following social distancing.


Will masks / PPE be required on campus?

Face coverings will be required on campus (private offices exempt), and we will provide supplementary masks and gloves to those in need.

How do I get PPE if I don’t have it or forget to bring it?

The front desk or the library will be able to assist you if you do not have a mask. If you need gloves for specific work, your instructor will provide them. Hand sanitizer will also be available at the front desk and throughout campus.

What should I do if I see someone on campus who is not wearing a mask?

Prior to campus reopening for appointments, a new Code of Conduct related to COVID-19 will be posted that all community members are required to follow. Directions on what to do in these situations will be outlined in the Code of Conduct.

How will temperature checks work?

Everyone’s temperature will be taken upon entering campus facilities. Because of this precaution, you may need to arrive earlier than usual to get to your classes and work on time. If you arrive on campus and do show symptoms or have a  temperature above the acceptable limit, you will be provided with protocol for next steps.

What if I am high-risk or live with someone who is high-risk?

If you are high-risk, live with someone who is high-risk, or may need some flexibility due to childcare or child’s school-related issues, you should request an accommodation with your instructor.

What sanitization protocols will be in place?

The Facilities team have modified the campus to minimize health and wellness risks to students and staff for the fall return. New sanitization procedures are in place for all campus spaces as well as campus equipment and technology. Ample sanitization stations will also be available, and additional health and safety signage will be posted to guide you.

What measures are being taken to facilitate social distancing?

Six-foot parameters are in place throughout campus and new traffic patterns, such as one-way stairwells, have been implemented. Additional health and safety signage will be posted to guide you. In addition, events and group gatherings will remain virtual and recreational spaces closed until further notice.

How will RMCAD trace contact?

Contact tracing will be conducted with Jefferson County Public Health. In the event of an outbreak, anyone who may have come in contact with an infected individual will be notified by the JeffCo Public Health Department.

What if I think I might have been exposed COVID-19?

Students will be required to report any COVID-19 symptoms so that we can support them with special accommodations and instructions.

All students and employees on campus will receive daily temperature checks, limit non-essential travel, and self-quarantine for 14 days after possible exposure.


How will this affect my schedule?

Spring B schedules have been released for current students. If you have immediate questions, contact your Advisor.

What if I don’t feel comfortable returning to campus or if I am high-risk for COVID-19?

Not all programs require on-campus lab work. If you don’t need or wish to use the on-campus resources, contact your Advisor to discuss your options. Online classes are still available so that you don’t have to pause your education. Contact your Advisor or advising@rmcad.edu to discuss moving to an online modality.

How can I meet with my Advisor?

You can schedule an online meeting with your Advisor at any time to discuss concerns regarding your classes. Email advising@rmcad.edu to schedule an appointment.


How will campus spaces, equipment, and technology be sanitized?

RMCADs Campus will employ new cleaning methods that will be performed after each use and after each workday. This process will involve the use of a misting disinfectant on classroom surfaces and technology.

What will facility adjustments look like?

Six foot parameters are in place throughout campus. One example would be blocking off every other computer in a lab to provide ample space between seats.

All other campus lab procedures are in place and unchanged. As a reminder, please do not modify cables or stations in any way.

What will office adjustments look like?

Six-foot parameters will be in place in communal offices for those who wish to utilize their campus office space. If you would like further clarification on your unique space, contact your manager.

Will the Spectrum Store or Hugh Thurlow Memorial Library be open?

The Spectrum Store and Hugh Thurlow Memorial Library will operate with a limited schedule for in-person visits. Both resources also have options for you to engage online. You can visit rmcad.edu/store to shop Spectrum online, and library resources are available through the student portal.

Will campus tours still be available?

Tours will continue at a limited capacity at specific intervals throughout the day to maintain a safe environment for both the campus community and visitors. To schedule a tour, contact Admissions at 800.888.ARTS.


How will my Financial Aid be impacted?

Your Financial Aid will be awarded based on your enrollment status and FAFSA eligibility. If you make a change to your schedule it is the students responsibility to reach out to their Financial Aid Advisor to discuss the impact these changes will have on Federal Direct loan, PELL grant, and scholarships. 

How will I be impacted if I am a work study?

Contact Tracy Craven at tcraven@rmcad.edu if you are eligible for a work study position.

RMCAD has a limited number of work study positions, so they are treated as a first come, first served basis. If you are interested, contact Director of Financial Aid Tracy Craven at tcraven@rmcad.edu.

How can I meet with my Financial Aid Advisor?

You can reach your advisor by phone or email using the directory below. Financial Aid Advisors are assigned by the first letter of your last name. Below is the alphabetic breakdown:

Future Campus Student Financial Aid Advisors:
A – E: Rachelle Small: rsmall@rmcad.edu: (303) 225-8547
F – L : Carrie Slauson : cslauson@rmcad.edu:  303-567-7344 
M – R :John Klocek : jklocek@rmcad.edu  303-567-7343
S – Z :Sandi Ruby: sruby@rmcad.edu: 303-567-7293

Active Student Campus Financial Aid Advisors:A-F:  Tiffany Tyrrell, ttyrrell@rmcad.edu, 303-567-7272  G-L : Shannon Alexander, salexander@rmcad.edu, 303-225-8611M-R: Zack Vayda, zvayda@rmcad.edu, 303-567-7353S-Z : Tricia Johnson, pjohnson@rmcad.edu, 303-567-7346

Online Student Financial Aid Advisors:
A – G :Tahnee Caudill: tcaudill@rmcad.edu : 720-643-4213H – N :Tracey Jones : tjones@rmcad.edu : 720-567-7348O – Z: Abigail Sheckells: asheckells@rmcad.edu:  720-548-5967


How can I connect with other students?

Follow RMCAD on Instagram

-Use the hashtag #RMCADBOUND as you received in your acceptance packet to connect with others attending RMCAD.

-Share with our community and fellow students words of encouragement, uplifting images, or whatever is keeping you creative during this time! Post what you create to Instagram and use the hashtag #RMCADPSA.

– Be in the know of what’s happening while connecting to your classmates, advisors, and professors by downloading the RMCAD App.

What should I do about housing?

Even though we are utilizing a Blended+ learning model, securing housing is important as in most cases it is first come/first serve. As of now, our off-campus housing partner, Assembly Student Living, is still open and moving people in based on availability. They are still operating as normal and do not plan to make any changes due to COVID at this time. Students will be moving in as normal during their move-in weekend over the summer. 

If students are unable to honor their lease term for any reason at Assembly due to COVID-19, they will need to give Assembly 60 days notice to have their lease terminated. They will not be charged any fees for the termination, however they will not receive a refund on the application fee or admin fee. As far as alternative housing options such as leasing companies, apartment complexes, private owners, etc, please reach out to them directly for questions. To connect with fellow students looking for housing, you can request to join the RMCAD Housing Facebook page

If you need assistance with a rental lease, contact the Director of Student Life Mel Kern at mkern@rmcad.edu.

Will there be events on campus?

Events and group gatherings will remain virtual until further notice.

 As we progress, we will be identifying in-person workshops that we can offer to supplement virtual classrooms. These workshops will have a limited capacity. Details will be communicated soon.


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