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Overcome creative block with virtual solutions

The entire country, including the RMCAD community, is currently experiencing a life of self-quarantine. Although we all understand the importance of this lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, there are inevitable side effects of this period of isolation. For art and design creatives who are used to being physically immersed and hands-on, this can mean a lack of motivation, or trouble finding inspiration from home. The good news is that in Denver and across the world, there are resources available to help ignite imagination that have also shifted to a virtual approach.

Denver Botanic Gardens

Denver Botanic Gardens is now offering the option to take a virtual tour of the grounds. The land boasts a collection spanning over 24 acres containing gardens that showcase Colorado’s climate, internationally-inspired gardens, ornamental gardens, water gardens, and so much more. Search for plants within the gardens, and discover what flowers are in bloom. Exploring the gardens digitally is a great way to delve into natural landscapes that might otherwise not be accessible right now. 

Denver Art Museum

The Denver Art Museum may be temporarily closed, but still gives the ability to view their online catalog containing a multitude of creative resources. Or for instructors or educators, you can take advantage of the online lesson plans they have listed. There are videos speaking to professional artists, and professional development resources all available online. 

Denver Zoo 

Animal staff are still on deck providing care to Denver Zoo’s population of over 3,000 animals. Tune into the baby rhino cam, watch staff interact with llamas, and virtually learn to birdwatch from the comfort of your backyard. Their goal is to bring the zoo to you, and a great way to help inspire the imagination to create new things.

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Denver Museum of Nature and Science is celebrating the art of discovery by offering access to all of their events. Learn more about the discovery of mummies, and what exactly happened when that meteorite hit the earth 66 million years ago. You can stream the documentary published on PBS about how mammals took over the Earth for an interesting perspective on science and how it’s helped shape modern society.

National Parks 

For those itching to get outside and hit the trails, good news! The National Park services partner site has webcams set up all around the world to observe wildlife from the comfort of your couch. This way you’re viewing wildlife, but not disturbing their environment. Live stream one of their bear cams in Alaska, or an ocean cam in the middle of the Pacific. Don’t let National Park closures keep you from getting your outdoor fix. This resource can help tap into consciousness as it relates to art and our relationship with nature.

Music Live Streams

Those who enjoy music can benefit from reduced stress and anxiety but are also tapping into a unique form of art. With venues shut down, it can be hard to feel connected to music. Thankfully, Billboard has been continuously updating its page that lists live streams and virtual concerts of all genres. Billboard list dates, times, and where to find some of your favorite artists (and artists you’ve never heard before) so that you can stay in touch with your musical creativity during the quarantine. 

International Museum & Gallery Tours

There are plenty of ways to fire up creativity beyond the local realm, and “visit” galleries and museums you may not otherwise see in your lifetime. Travel virtually to the Vatican City in Rome, The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, The British Museum in London, and other beloved international museums. Experience the best museums from across the world from the comfort of your own home. What better way to earn appreciation for other cultures, their art, and infuse that into your own pieces.


Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design has started a new podcast titled Remotely Creative. The goal is to help listeners maintain sanity during quarantine by speaking to professional artists, working designers, and a few wildcards. RMCAD is answering questions submitted during this work/study remote time period. 

Get involved virtually with RMCAD’s design challenge #RMCADPSA. Share words of encouragement, a positive message, or challenges faced using the hashtag #RMCADPSA and your piece could be shared with the RMCAD community and our followers.

Now more than ever is a time for artists and their communities to come together. Overcoming creative block can be done through virtual videos of galleries and exhibitions, live-streamed events, podcasts, and design challenges. Virtual solutions can help face inevitable creative obstacles during these uncertain times.

To learn more about how RMCAD is helping its community overcome COVID-19 challenges, click here.


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