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President’s Update: January 28, 2021

Dear RMCAD Community,

From our newest students to our longest-serving faculty members, I welcome you all to 2021! We begin this year with the largest student population in RMCAD history, and I know that it will be a year of hope, optimism, and health for our college. Our community faced many challenges in 2020, from studying or teaching from home to everyday occurrences of being compliant to new health requirements, we stand together, united in creativity and expression, to succeed, no matter what obstacles we face. 

Greatness has always been a part of who we are, but this year we have the opportunity to view it with fresh eyes. Let today mark a permanent shift towards better outcomes. Let us continue to build creative culture, innovate in our approaches, and support each other along the way. Most importantly, let our creativity guide us. We have the power to redefine greatness and redesign our future — and together we will achieve our goals. 

In fact, some of you are changing the world already. After graduating from the Illustration program in Fall 2020, Abbey Bryant moved to New York to freelance for Scholastic Inc. She is now an Amazon Best Seller for her work on Hazel Mist, Hypnotist. Interior Design alumnae Brittany Heim stayed closer to home, joining Elsy Studios in Denver. Her work to create a better way to live has received much worthwhile praise. These former students were once exactly where you are now, facing their own unique challenges. 

What will your success story be? 

As a college, our greatest successes serve our students. For our online students, we continue to build collaborative and innovative approaches to virtual learning. For our campus students, a return to Blended+ is on the horizon, and we look forward to offering access to facilities by appointment. Have optimism, stay hopeful, and trust that we will welcome you back as soon as we can. You are strong, and your pursuit of greatness will not be slowed by the when’s, where’s, or how’s. Greatness is defined by the why. 

So, why are we here? Why do we press on in the face of obstacles? The answer is simple; because every new term is an opportunity to create something extraordinary. 

Seize it!


Brent Fitch
Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design


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