Polin Jordan graduated from RMCAD this past spring with the highest honors (Summa Cum Laude, 4.0) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. The Texas native is a Visual Communications Designer who is currently freelancing while pursuing her Master of Fine Arts degree. According to Jordan, her biggest niche is creating intuitive relationships between brands and users. In an interview with RMCAD, Jordan talks about her style of work, advice to other artists and her experience as an online student.

What inspired you to pursue graphic design?

My interest in design derives from life itself, everything and everywhere we go is influenced by design, from the cup of coffee I drink every morning to the bed I rest at night. My life is all about design, informally since I was able to draw, and formally with my years of academic studies in communication, work in this industry, to my most recent four years back in school obtaining my undergrad degree (BFA). Changes in the design field are necessarily based on the advances in technology and what is considered now part of the social fabric, Internet, and social media.

How would you describe your style of work?

My style of design has been referred to as a minimalist, intuitive, and ingenious, of course, I appreciate the classification of my work. However, I would describe it as user-centered, designed for humans and not for designers, which I humbly believe should be our goal as real designers.

What made you decide to attend RMCAD?

RMCAD has a heart that sticks to the true principles of art and education. The dedication of its faculty is palpable, the math is simple and will not lie, smaller study groups equal quality education through a personalized touch. I spend countless hours doing diligent research about art schools with qualities beyond a brand name, a place where I could not just increase knowledge, but where I could grow and build a strong base for my ultimate goal of becoming a Graphic Design Professor.

Can you tell us about your experience as an online student?

RMCAD has created an incredible online ecosystem, in which a community sense develops from the educational processes in which faculty, administration, and students are actively involved. I was skeptical, at first, about the possibilities of retaining that vital human interaction in an online classroom setting. However, the most gratifying life-changing experience was to have found two of my best friends and future collaborators at RMCAD Erika Mackay and Christa Kranig, both extremely talented graphic designers. Additionally, I was able to strengthen that sense of community through constant communication with faculty, student advisory, and instructors, which ultimately contributed to my success at RMCAD.

What advice do you have for other aspiring artists?

If I could talk to every aspiring artist on a one on one session, I would say “Look for the school that offers much more than just a name, look for the real prestige of an institution which is quality education, look for the one that would allow you to build a strong, clear path for success, look for RMCAD.”

What does the future hold for Pauline Jordan?

It is all in the plan, my solid base is RMCAD, then my MFA in Graphic Design with an emphasis in UX/UI at AAU, and last a Ph.D. in Human-Centered Design that will provide my future students the so needed technological edge in this field. Did I mention all of my efforts are with RMCAD in mind?  Exactly, this institution has inspired me to be the best I can and spread the good news about a better future on the hands of the new generation of designers under the right guidance, and I want to be part of this movement at RMCAD.

Note: Some of the questions in this interview have been edited for clarity and brevity.


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