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What are People saying about rMCAD?


Damaria Moye- Class of 2022
“What I love most about being a Fashion Design student at RMCAD is that it’s been a humbling experience to meet other creatives even outside the fashion program. I think we have a lot of world class creatives.”

Bethany Pena – Class of 2021
“A lot of my professors were really good at giving us hands-on experience and I think it is really important that our professors have the experience and know what the field is actually like. My RMCAD education really helped me know how the design process really works from start to finish.”

Christopher Sweetwood – Class of 2017
“RMCAD played an important step in my artistic development and my career. My instructors at RMCAD taught me the skills and software I use on a daily basis in my profession. Alumni Services helped me get into contact with industry professionals helping me get my start in game art.”

Jenny Morgan – Class of 2003
“RMCAD was really influential for me, the teachers I had were extremely impactful and I still keep in touch with them. I think a smaller school like RMCAD can be really beneficial in terms of making connections and keeping those connections.”


5 Stars – Freshman – April 2024
“Despite being a student for an online program, Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design offers an abundant amount of resources for all students which makes one completely immersed in learning despite the distance. The professors are also very receptive and easy to communicate with which makes for an ideal environment for any student with questions or concerns. The work assigned is not overwhelming yet it is more than challenging enough to notice self-growth throughout the courses’ duration.”

4 Stars – Sophomore – April 2024
“The staff is supportive and helpful. Most professors are understanding of each student being unique and having different backgrounds, though there are some that are more rigid and unfriendly. I am a fully online student, so some of this may be perception based. Something I do not like is the availability of classes for having a larger class-load. All the classes have to be spaced out.”

5 Stars – Freshman – January 2024
“I love that Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design is a smaller college. Everyone knows everyone. And everyone is like myself. I don’t feel that I have to fit in or feel the pressure of trying to be someone that I am not. All the professors are super nice. They take the time to help you learn in class or on your project that you’re working on. While I am currently a full time student they allow me to choose the best schedule for my classes so I am not feeling over worked. One thing that I wish I had more time for is meeting up with the financial department. I want to sign up for more scholarships to help pay for college. Since this is a private school they don’t have dorms, so I am living in a apartments across town. So meeting up with them I can see what scholarships they have available so I can apply to help with the cost. I am a 1st generation college student who was raised by a single mom and living on a Native American Indian Reservation. Any way I can help pay I will”

5 Stars – Junior – December 2023
“I am in the Interior Design with Specialization in Sustainability program at RMCAD. They are accredited and have a unique and fast-moving schedule of semesters made up of 2, 8 week time periods of 2 classes at a time. This is really nice as the classes go by quickly and more time can be spent on only 2 classes at a time. The classes that I am taking are set up really well and are easy to follow and reference in an online class forum. They have developed it to be extremely accessible for both the instructors and students to communicate, I have never had a communication error. I highly recommend this program.”


5 stars – Riley June – June 2023
“After experiencing the closure of my first school (AiColorado) I transferred to this school for my final year (2019-2020). I switched to online since I had to commute, but all of my professors were super helpful and supportive through my transition. The curriculum was very clear and was never confusing. If I needed help, a professor was a text/phone call/email away! I got my degree from them and I regret not coming here from the start.”

3 stars – Leo – April 2024
“I thought I’d leave a review as a currently attending student (2024) I’ve been attending for about a year+ now and the more you continue on the more my peers drop out around me out of frustration. All of the bad reviews are based in truth, but I feel like it also depends on your degree. As an illustrative design student I feel like I’m learning and my teachers are engaged…”


5 stars – T.J. – March 7, 2024
Arvada, CO
“So impressed with this school and their programs.. the enrollment process was easy and the staff in every department was kind and supportive!”

4 stars – Shylah S. – January 17, 2024
Lakewood, CO
“I’m a freshmen at this college, but I’m completely online, so far so good. They do push you and most of the teachers will work with you if you just talk with them.”

5 stars – Dakota R. – April 8, 2023
“I’ve enjoyed my classes and what I’ve learned. Definitely prefer on ground learning rather than online and the more you involve yourself (events, downloading the catalog and understanding the classes required, artist talks, etc) the better your experience will be and the more you will gain.”

4 stars – Min K. – April 11, 2018
Centennial, CO
“I’m an online senior at this school. Going into it I didn’t expect much from this school because it has a 100% acceptance rate, but when you actually look close at the materials and curriculums and how they’re designed, it’s just like any other high quality art and design schools. They’re rigorous enough to let you stick to a certain regiment, yet flexible enough to let you be nurtured and to explore your own creativity and your own unique way of doing things…”

Our commitment was, is, and will always be to you and your future. Whether you study fashion design, animation, game art, graphic design, or any other of our renowned programs, you can expect a quality, well-rounded education in an innovative atmosphere.

Whether pursuing your art and design education on campus or online, you’ll take accredited program courses taught by passionate and experienced educators that are dedicated to helping you evolve your craft.

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