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RMCAD Congratulates Dr. Becky Black

RMCAD faculty not only shape students’ goals as professionals and help them discover their passions within their studies, but they are also busy pursuing their own passions and professional goals. We are always excited to celebrate faculty and their accomplishments. Our very own Dr. Becky Black (Associate Professor & Head of Art History) was nominated to a prestigious review board, and we chatted with her about what that meant for her and for the RMCAD community. 

Can you explain the board you’ve been nominated to serve on?

I have been elected to serve on the Editorial Review Board for Art Education, the journal of the National Art Education Association. I was actually nominated by a former RMCAD professor, Dr. Lisa Hochtritt. She is my mentor and was my dissertation advisor at the University of Arizona where I received my PhD in Art history and Education. My term on the editorial board for this important and globally recognized academic, peer-reviewed journal starts May 2021 and runs for three years. During that time, I, among other elite art educators across the nation, will review submitted manuscripts addressing contemporary issues in art education. 

Why are you excited to be a member of the board?

I am excited to have been nominated by my mentor, Dr. Hochtritt, then elected by NAEA members to assist with the responsibilities of this editorial review board because as a scholar/educator it is important to stay informed of current trends and research in art education for RMCAD students. This is also one of the two premiere art education journals in the world. Additionally, being part of the review process for other scholars’ works will continue to push my research and teaching practice in art history even further, which is of course, most beneficial to RMCAD student learning.

What do you most look forward to about this opportunity? 

I look forward most to bringing my perspective as an art historian and art history educator to this opportunity. Unfortunately, as I’ve written about in my own research, there remains a disconnect between studio art educators and art history educators. It’s not intentional, and it is not with malice; quite the opposite. It’s just because our practices have different focuses and functions. I always want to highlight and celebrate the liberal arts connection of artistic scholarship and practice though art history, and I know bringing my perspective to peer reviewed submissions will be welcomed. I also look forward to working with another art education mentor of mine, Dr. Ami Kantawala, senior editor of Art Education journal. This will be such a learning experience for me to work with her – a titan in the field.

How do you foresee being on the board will help you at RMCAD? 

Since I will be reviewing submitted manuscripts addressing contemporary issues in art education, I will be reading research from leading art educators across the U.S., and will be able to learn from their work, as well as network with other members of the review board team. This opportunity will keep me at the forefront of innovative and emerging peer-reviewed and published scholarship that I can build into my own teaching practice with our students, and share not only with my Liberal Arts department colleagues, but with all RMCAD educators, as what is published in this journal is applicable to all of RMCAD’s programs. 

To learn more about NAEA’s Art Education Journal, click here.


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