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RMCAD Fall 2020 Return to Campus

Update: On Monday, August 3, 2020, RMCAD decided to delay fully reopening through the Fall A term. Instead, we will offer online instruction paired with increased on-campus resource access by appointment through a Blended+ learning environment. 

With RMCAD’s planned return to campus for students on August 31, 2020, the RMCAD COVID-19 Task Force has been working diligently to develop a plan to guide our behaviors and prioritize the health, wellness, and safety of our community.  Below are a few things that students can expect upon their return to campus classes on-ground in the Fall. Please note that online courses will proceed as usual with no notable changes. 

RMCAD will continue to practice its blended learning environment, not to be confused with online learning. Our blended learning model is a hybrid of face to face interaction while also completing assignments from home. All courses will incorporate some extent of blended learning. Your blended learning experience will depend on your major, and class schedule for the Fall A 2020 term. Schedules are currently available in the student portal, and your Student Advisors are ready to assist with any and all schedule questions. 

As a member of the RMCAD community, you will have access to on-campus facilities and resources such as our studios, labs, gallery spaces, etc. In order to gain access to these resources, you will need to request and schedule a time (via sign-up sheet) to reserve the space accordingly. 

There will be mandatory temperature checks performed at kiosk stations that are required before you are allowed to enter any building on campus. Because of this, you will need to arrive earlier than usual to get to your classes on time. You must wear a mask and ensure that before entering any building on campus that you stop at a kiosk to get your temperature checked. Six-foot social distancing parameters are in place throughout the campus, along with new traffic patterns such as one-way stairwells for entering and exiting properly. Sanitization stations will be available on campus and accessible for all. We will have designated signage that indicates what proper social distancing will look like at RMCAD and how to abide by it. Please take advantage of the health and sanitization regulations to ensure the safety of yourself and others.  

Our classrooms and classroom equipment will be cleaned every day to ensure the safety of yourself, your classmates, and instructors. New cleaning methods will be performed post-classes and after each workday. The process will involve the use of a misting disinfectant on classroom surfaces and technology. With six-foot parameters in place throughout the campus, this means that many classroom spaces will be modified. An example of this would be blocking off every other computer to provide space between seats for students. You should not modify cables or stations in any way. Some classrooms will be outfitted with cameras to allow students to attend class via teleconference. Masks are required and must be worn at all times. For those who may have forgotten their face mask or lost theirs, masks will be provided at the front desk of the Texas building. 

If you’re not feeling well, or believe you may have symptoms of COVID-19, do not come to campus. If you start to feel unwell after being on campus, or while on campus, we encourage you to immediately see your doctor. Students will be required to report any COVID-19 symptoms so that we can support them with special accommodations and instructions. For students who may have been exposed, please follow up with your professors and include a doctor’s note to make up for any lost class time. 

We encourage you to be vigilant, as it takes a collective effort to assure that we are practicing the right guidelines for everyone’s safety and well-being. Use your best judgment! The situation we are in is fluid, meaning it moves and changes easily and swiftly. RMCAD will continue to make the proper updates as needed. There is still much more to be learned as it pertains to students returning to campus for the Fall. Please ensure you visit (and bookmark) our COVID-19 Resources page. Here you will find a more detailed overview and important updates along with contact information for questions. We look forward to seeing you in August! 


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