Six careers you can pursue with a degree in music production

Six careers you can pursue with a degree in music production

Music connects us all. By creating, sharing and performing it, it becomes a powerful tool to transform and reflect our human experience. In the wise words of Victor Hugo, it “expresses that which cannot be put into words.” Pursuing a degree in music production allows you to be a part of this beautiful process and overall bring sound to life. Here’s a list of just a few music production careers you can pursue with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

1. Songwriter/Composer
If you are drawn to the songwriting or storytelling process, becoming a songwriter or composer might be the path for you. According to Exploration, this job includes writing lyrics, melodies, hooks or entire compositions. It can be common for songwriters to team up with other composers to craft pieces. Once a composition is written, it’s time to pitch the demo with the hopes to have it picked up and performed by a big name artist.

2. Recording Artist
You can also study music production and pursue a career as a recording artist. If you are a talented musician and singer, this is a great opportunity to consider. In addition to touring and performing, recording artists are responsible for creating their public image and building interest in their work, which is a big part of the job.

3. Audio Recording Engineer
A recording engineer, according to MasterClass, is the one who facilitates the technicalities in a studio recording session. They are in charge of recording and editing live sound in order to make high-quality recordings. It’s crucial for recording engineers to be very knowledgeable about the soundboard as well as study several sub-disciplines of sound engineering, including psychoacoustics, to help balance and harmonize records.

4. Music Director
A music director or conductor is in charge of leading a cast, orchestra, choir or other musical group in a show. This can include a musical theater production, movie or concert. It’s important in this role to learn the fundamentals and techniques to properly arrange music compositions in order to intensify the emotional impact. Because this role focuses on directing, it’s important to perfect one’s skills in communication and organization to thrive in this role.

5. Sound Designer
Next on the list is a sound designer or a technical, creative artist. This career path includes creating and controlling sounds in interactive media. Sound effects (SFX), mixing, Foley sound, dialogue and music – just to name a few of the fun tools and techniques used in this job. Sound designers usually play a big role in the movie and film industry, as well as video games.

6. Artist Manager
Another popular career in music production is becoming an artist manager and helping a musician or band reach their career dreams. As a manager, you are the professional representative and strive to get your client’s music in the hands of producers or label executives. Not to mention, you help plan and schedule tours and shows.

These career opportunities in music are just the start for pursuing a job in music production. For a full list of music production careers, please visit our online music production program page. If you are interested in learning more about RMCAD, please fill out our request information form today.


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