Danny Peña, Founder & Host of Gamertag Radio

Video game podcaster shares how he made his passion his profession

LAKEWOOD, Colo., – From conducting interviews at video game conferences as a young adult to seeing his own face on the billboards in Times Square, Danny Pena is hitting a high score in his career.  

The content creator began podcasting before podcasts were even a thing. Going back to 2001, Danny made his presence known by attending video game conferences regularly. He turned his passion into his profession when he began interviewing game developers, fans and other gamers just like him. He began uploading that content online and started seeing its potential when it resonated with his peers and the industry.

Shortly after making a name for himself at conferences, the entrepreneur was invited to the first Xbox launch event in New York City. At the event, Pena had the opportunity to play Fuzion Frenzy with Microsoft founder, Bill Gates. That milestone moment is what gave Pena the confidence to pursue content creation full time. “Because of all those opportunities that came up, it inspired me to create Gamertag Radio a few years later. I just love talking to my community,” Pena said.

Gaming is much more than entertainment for Pena. Wearing the several hats he’s crafted in his career has helped him develop other skills outside of gaming. “When I was a kid, I was very shy. For me as a gamer and content creator, it helped me to be less shy and more vocal,” Pena said. His advice to RMCAD students and artists is to surround yourself with others with similar interests and motivation as you. Pena also suggests to be open to constructive criticism. “Take feedback and don’t take it personal. It’s good to see how others see what you are working on,” Pena said.  

Fast forward to today, Pena is the founder and host of award-winning podcast, Gamertag Radio where his team conducts exclusive content and interviews to bring you the latest in the gaming world. Most recently, the popular podcaster made a cameo appearance in one of RMCAD’s commercials. There is much more for you to learn about the story of Danny Pena and Gamertag Radio! Watch the full interview here and check out his documentary, Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story. You can learn more about Gamertag Radio by clicking here.


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