We Stand With You

Dear RMCAD Community,

As I write this, demonstrations are sweeping the nation to demand justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Sean Reed, Ahmaud Arbery and other citizens who face adversity. Many of you are feeling afraid, angry, and confused. I must make clear one thing that you do not need to question: we stand with you. Our community stands united against injustice, brutality and violence, prejudice, and racism.

Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design is a safe space, strengthened by diversity and expression. Our mission has always been to prepare learners to be forces of change in their industries, communities and the world. Our Diversity Statement is clear, RMCAD maintains a policy of inclusiveness that recognizes, values, and reflects the diversity of the community it serves. We welcome people from a multitude of backgrounds who are committed to creativity, academic excellence, societal and cultural evolution and betterment, civility, mutual respect, social justice, and the free and open exchange of ideas. We appreciate and celebrate our community as one of our core values.

This moment in history is a call to action and we all have the power to affect change. Artistic expression empowers communities and inspires new realities, so create and share art that expresses your feelings. Listening amplifies the voices of the oppressed, so check in with your peers and join RMCAD’s Diversity Alliance. Education is the antidote for ignorance, so utilize our library resources to learn more about racial injustice. Engage in the body politic and register to vote. Most importantly, you must take care of yourself in order to serve others, so please utilize our Health and Wellness Center counselors. You can contact counseling@rmcad.edu for help.

I recognize that words are not as powerful as action, and breaking our silence is only the first step. We will continue to provide resources that empower our community, we will share your creative expressions on our platforms, and we will reflect on our own Campus Security practices to further solidify our unwavering commitment to safety, peace, and our community. To demonstrate solidarity and pay homage to the profound moment in time we are all a witness to, for the next 48 hours we will not be engaging in social media. When we return, we will prioritize sharing artwork from our community. In the words of Angie Thomas, “Art is activism.” It has the power to change the world. We will see to it that it does.


Brent Fitch
RMCAD President


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