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Jumpstart your education with summer classes

Making good use of your summer is an important way in which you can expand your educational potential. The option of starting to take classes can be particularly beneficial for college-bound students for many reasons. Some students want to stay in the groove of taking classes to help them manage their workload. Others want to kick start their education and would rather start sooner. Choosing to continue your education during the Summer can help seize new opportunities, lock in lower tuition rates, and maximize your time and scholarship money. Below are some of the benefits of taking classes starting in the summer.

Learn on your own terms

As a student interested in getting started in the Summer, there are options for you to learn on your own terms. That can mean taking classes online and transitioning to campus the following semester. It can also mean starting off with a part-time schedule to ensure you hit the ground running and can still balance other responsibilities before taking on a full-time student schedule in the Fall. You can be successful in your coursework and have fun.

Stay on track

Taking classes over the summer typically gives you the opportunity to earn more credits sooner, which can ultimately result in graduating earlier. Taking one, or even two classes during the Summer term may allow you to graduate on an accelerated timeline. The sooner you are able to commit, the sooner you can complete your education and obtain your degree. Taking at least one class during each summer term can help you stay consistent in practicing your craft and keep yourself motivated on the path to graduation. 

Seize new opportunities

Oftentimes, universities and colleges experience an increase in tuition before a large class population joins the student body to account for additional resources and instruction. Typically Fall is when that increase can be expected. For a student looking to get started in the Summer, this can mean they’d have the ability to lock in a lower tuition rate for the span of their education. This can also mean enhanced scholarship opportunities. For RMCAD students specifically, there are scholarships and grants being offered to those looking to get the most out of their investment by starting the Summer B term in June 2020. A $2500 grant and a $400 grant are just a few of the options for those interested. That can help save up to $1500 per year! 

Getting a jump start to your education can look great on a resume post-graduation, maximize your time and money, and prepare you for taking on classes in the Fall. If there is a debate between summer classes and other responsibilities, consider the option of starting part-time. There are many benefits students stand to gain by beginning to take classes in the Summer. 

For questions regarding getting started at RMCAD for our Summer B term on June 29, 2020, reach out to For accepted students interested in starting Summer B or learning more about our grants, reach out to your admissions counselor. 

We understand COVID-19 is creating new and unique circumstances. To learn more about how RMCAD is responding, visit


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