Why Liberal Arts is essential to a quality education

Why Liberal Arts is essential to a quality education

*This story was updated and edited for clarity and brevity. The original story and interview was conducted by Chris Daley on July 8, 2019.

You may be wondering why you need to take Liberal Arts courses as an aspiring artist, and no, it’s not because “arts” is in the title. Liberal Arts is essential to a well-rounded education because it allows artists to further their knowledge in literature, philosophy, mathematics, as well as social and physical sciences. All of these subject areas are crucial components to your future career and growth as an artist. Take a closer look at why Liberal Arts is essential to your education!

1. You gain writing and communication skills.
According to assistant professor Crisosto Apache, there is no separation between painting and writing. Both are forms of creative expression. “Any medium of art is art and I see no difference interjecting each form. That is how versatile art is,” says Apache. He goes on to explain the importance of knowing how to write for future work critiques, contests or grants. All of these writing opportunities can be very competitive, so knowing how to write can further your career and help you acquire these accolades. In addition, by taking communication courses, you learn how to perfect your public speaking skills for future art lectures.

2. You master the art of math and finance.
If you are looking to become a small business owner, like many artists, it is crucial to gain knowledge in financial accounting to grasp an understanding of the contemporary business world. By gaining these problem solving skills, you will be able to take your small business to the next level and know how to excel in record keeping and account management.

3. You broaden your understanding of human culture and society.
Whether you are studying illustration, game art or graphic design, gaining an understanding of different cultures, perspectives and religions allows you to dive deeper as an artist. Exposure to various worldviews, ethical thought and philosophy can help you more accurately depict cultural society through your pieces of work. Humanity and history courses allow students to gain research experience and build on critical thinking skills – all of which will benefit their careers as artists in the long term.

4. You learn more about science and life on earth.
In order to draw or animate life, it’s important to know more about living organisms and how the earth works. Through biology and environmental courses, students are able to gain more knowledge on the basic aspects of life, including natural selection, biodiversity, climate change, water use and conservation. In addition, students can learn more about the role sustainability plays in several avenues of art, including fashion and interior design.

We hope you have seen the tremendous value Liberal Arts has on an artist’s career. To take a look at some of the courses offered at RMCAD in writing, humanities, science and mathematics, please visit our catalog.


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