Sometimes Obvious Too

Alumni Gallery

October, 26 – December 18
Virtual Exhibition
Installed in RMCAD’s Texas Foyer
Campus Remains Closed to the General Public

Sometimes Obvious Too features painting and video work by RMCAD Fine Arts student K. James.

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Artist Statement: I operate through various media, but have found video to be particularly accessible and interesting during this pandemic. The videos were created by mounting a camera to several positions on my car in order to capture different perspectives. During these drives, I occasionally forgot about the camera; there was something about the way driving aimlessly, especially during the start of quarantine, made me feel like a person again. Making this work has changed my perspective on aspects of life that I used to find mundane. Sometimes the obvious or overlooked parts of my day are the most special, and by documenting and examining these common moments, it allows me to experience them in a new light.

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