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adam kitzerow

Adam Kitzerow, MFA

Adam is originally from New York City, NY and currently resides in Orlando, FL. He received his BFA in traditional painting with a minor in drawing from Maine College of Art. From there he received his MFA in studio art from the University of South Florida. He has been a working artist since graduation, showing his work in numerous galleries and museums around the Tampa Bay area and outside of Florida. His work is fairly diverse, ranging in mediums and concepts from traditional drawing to graphic design to film and video production. In most cases he starts his process with an idea and utilizes whatever medium he needs to communicate that idea to his audience.

His philosophy regarding teaching starts with hard work and dedication and all centers around honesty when it comes to evaluation and criticism. The truth can be hard to hear sometimes as artists, but as an instructor it’s Adam’s responsibility to always provide truthful and detailed feedback on any of the project results he has been provided. While this feedback can be both negative and positive, in a lot of ways it will usually consist of both, it’s all designed to get the most out of the students’ results and push them towards success. Adam’s main goal is to help his students find their own creative voice while also making sure their skill set is up to the task when it comes to articulating that voice.

Adam’s favorite part about working at RMCAD is the interactions he gets to have with his students and peers on a daily basis. As creatives we all need to surround ourselves with like minded individuals that are always hungry for information and pushing us to be better in various ways. RMCAD provides this type of conversation and it’s a valuable aspect of this institution. In his free time Adam spends time going to Disney World with his wife, building legos and playing video games of all types. These experiences are full of inspiration and constantly help inform the creative decisions that are being made in his studio.

Course Credentialing

GD 1000 – Typography, GD 2000 – Graphic Design Sophomore Portfolio Review, GD 2100 – Layout Design, GD 2210 – Vector Illustration, GD 2220 – Raster Image Processing, GD 2410 – Information Visualization, GD 2510 – Sign + Symbol, GD 3000A – Graphic Design Junior Portfolio Review, GD 3040 – Design Systems, GD 3105 – User Prototyping, GD 3120 – Visual Sequencing, GD 3440 – Experimental Typography, GD 3470 – 3D Packaging, GD 3601 – Graphic Design Internship Part I, GD 3602 – Graphic Design Internship Part II, GD 3985 – Professional Practices in Graphic Design, GD 4020 – Experience Design, GD 4520 – Interaction Design, GD 4900 – Graphic Design BFA Capstone I, GD 4950 – Graphic Design BFA Capstone II, FD 1020 – 2D Design: Elements + Principles, FD 1120A – Topics in Color, FD 1235 – Observational Drawing, FD 1600 – Studio Seminar: Methods of Inquiry, FD 2510 – Special Topics.

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