RMCAD Faculty

Ben Karr

Benjamin Karr, MFA

Benjamin is from Piedmont, California, but currently resides in Irvine, CA. He holds a Master of Fine Arts from the Academy of Art University. He specializes in animation and concept design. He believes in a student-centered instructional method and focuses on active and authentic learning experiences through the completion of meaningful projects. He encourages students to investigate and explore real-world problems or questions, work collaboratively, and apply knowledge and skills to create tangible outcomes.

Benjamin’s favorite part of teaching is working with students at RMCAD and seeing their progression and watching them achieve their goals. When he isn’t teaching, you can find Benjamin drawing, painting, and playing chess.

Course Credentialing
AG 1070 – Digital Painting for Film + Games (formerly AN 2270 – Digital Painting for Film + Games), AG 2300 – Animation + Game Art Sophomore Portfolio Review, AG 3131 – Business Ethics + Copyright, AG 3590 – Special Topics, AG 3840 – Experimental Animation, AG 4990 – Senior Project I: Portfolio Preparation , AG 4991 – Senior Project II: Portfolio Delivery + Review, AN 1230 – Fundamentals of Animation, AN 3001 – Animation Junior Portfolio Review, AN 3601 – Animation Internship Part I, AN 3602 – Animation Internship Part II, AN2D 1390 – Drawing + Acting for Animation, AN2D 3360 – Animation Layout + Production Design, AN2D 4870 – Stop Motion Animation, AN3D 1210 – 3D Computer Fundamentals, AN3D 3230 – 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies, AN3D 3330 – 3D Character + Production Design, AN3D 4250 – Advanced 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies, AN3D 4260 – Advanced 3D Computer Topics, GA 3000 – Game Art Junior Portfolio Review, GA 3120 – 3D Modeling, GA 3330 – Character + Level Design, GA 3601 – Game Art Internship Part I, GA 3602 – Game Art Internship Part II, GA 4110 – Game Animation + Motion Capture

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