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brad taylor

Brad Taylor, BFA

Brad Taylor is a CG artist and game developer living in the Denver area. His career in games has spanned over 20 years working on titles for Midway Games, Atari, Activision, NCSoft, Sega, Disney Interactive and Nintendo. With a BFA in Illustration from Ringling College of Art and Design, he combines an acumen for problem-solving with a foundation in traditional art to create compelling visuals. Brad’s specialty is in finding creative ways to solve visual development problems while also improving production pipelines. Outside of games, his work has been featured in multimedia projects, commercial advertising, and animation. When not on the computer, Brad enjoys cooking for his family, enjoying a cup of coffee, and listening to music.

Course Credentialing

AG 1070 – Digital Painting for Film + Games (formerly AN 2270 – Digital Painting for Film + Games), AG 2300 – Animation + Game Art Sophomore Portfolio Review, AG 3131 – Business Ethics + Copyright, AG 3590 – Special Topics, AG 4990 – Senior Project I: Portfolio Preparation, AG 4991 – Senior Project II: Portfolio Delivery + Review, AN 3001 – Animation Junior Portfolio Review, AN 3601 – Animation Internship Part I, AN 3602 – Animation Internship Part II, AN3D 1210 – 3D Computer Fundamentals, AN3D 2320 – 3D Computer Lighting + Materials, AN3D 4260 – Advanced 3D Computer Topics, GA 2420 – Game Shader Development (formerly GA 3220 – Game Shader Development), GA 3000 – Game Art Junior Portfolio Review, GA 3120 – 3D Modeling, GA 3330 – Character + Level Design, GA 3601 – Game Art Internship Part I, GA 3602 – Game Art Internship Part II, GA 3860 – Digital Sculpting

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