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RMCAD Faculty

portrait of Eric Sinha

Eric Sinha, BFA

Eric Sinha is a Denver-based filmmaker and educator. After earning his BFA in Film and Animation from the University of Texas at Arlington, he began working at Element X Creative, working with a team that had previously created Jimmy Neutron. From there, he taught high school 2D animation, having his students focus on storytelling, character rigging, and explainer animations. In 2018, Eric decided to study traditional animation with the legendary animator Don Bluth (Film director, animator, production designer: The Land Before Time, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Anastasia). Then while working at Mass FX Media, he had the opportunity to work on projects that premiered at Sundance and streamed on Hulu, as well as with major brands like Meta, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

Today, Eric works full time in the 2D animation department at RMCAD teaching Animation and Storytelling. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience with his students, guiding them on their own filmmaking journeys.

Course Credentialing:
AG 2300 – Animation + Game Art Sophomore Portfolio Review, AG 3131 – Business Ethics + Copyright, AG 3590 – Special Topics, AG 3840 – Experimental Animation, AG 4990 – Senior Project I: Portfolio Preparation, AG 4991 – Senior Project II: Portfolio Delivery + Review, AN 1230 – Fundamentals of Animation, AN 2270 – Digital Painting for Film + Games, AN 2310 – Creative Visualization, AN 3001 – Animation Junior Portfolio Review, AN 3601 – Animation Internship Part I, AN 3602 – Animation Internship Part II, AN 3760 – Tools + Techniques of Contemporary Animation, AN2D 1390 – Drawing + Acting for Animation, AN2D 3230A – Character Animation + Motion Studies, AN2D 3360 – Animation Layout & Production Design, AN2D 3520B – 2D Computer Animation I, AN2D 3620A – 2D + Z, AN2D 4240A – Advanced Character Animation + Motion Studies, AN2D 4520A – 2D Computer Animation II, AN2D 4870 – Stop Motion Animation, AN3D 1210 – 3D Computer Fundamentals, AN3D 3230 – 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies, AN3D 4250 – Advanced 3D Computer Animation Motion Studies, GA 3000 – Game Art Junior Portfolio Review, GA 3601 – Game Art Internship Part I, GA 3602 – Game Art Internship Part II.

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