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Jaime Carrejo, MFA

Jaime is from El Paso, Texas and currently lives in Denver, Colorado. He received his BFA from the University of Texas El Paso in Ceramics and MFA. from the University of South Florida. Before teaching at RMCAD, he taught at the College of Wooster. His work has been featured in prestigious publications like The New York Times, Art Forum, and Hyperallergic. Notable exhibitions include ‘Waiting’ at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (2021) and ‘Pa’lante’ at The Momentary in Arkansas (2021). His project ‘Border/Land’ is part of the permanent collection at the El Paso Museum of Art (2018).

Using the medium of painting and sculpture, Jaime layers intricate patterns, graphic still-life images, and symbolic representations of physical barriers. The layering of imagery plays a crucial role in examining the convergence of lived experiences, which complicate our understanding of place. By employing hard-edge painting methods, his intention is to evoke a contemplative space that prompts reflection on the intricate nature of everyday life by creating seemingly defined boundaries. Additionally, he explores the fragility and resilience of our domestic life amidst external pressures. Within his paintings, Jaime incorporates plants as substitutes for human presence. These botanical elements are chosen based on their migration histories and their symbolic significance. Through his work, he visually explores the interplay of identity, belonging, and the spaces we inhabit. Ultimately, Jaime invites others to contemplate the relationships we form within a world characterized by borders and transitions.

Jaime pursues traditional and hybrid forms of pedagogy in order to adapt to rapid, ever-changing artistic practices and technological landscapes. Simultaneously, he vigorously pushes students to discover the structure of visual language and become fluent in the various historical/theoretical contexts while actively engaging in the physical act of making. Jaime also believes that it is crucial for instructors to share their ideas and experiences in order to learn from one another and collaborate in order to discover new methodologies. He believes that creating a space for open and diverse perspectives is key to personal and communal development to foster a greater, public good.

Jaime is an avid gardener, Catan player, and strives to serve the Arts community outside of RMCAD. He has served on the board of the Contemporary Art Alliance for the Denver Art Museum and currently sits on the Public Art Committee in Denver, Colorado. Most recently, Jaime was elected to lead the national Foundations Organization called FATE as their President where he will shepherd discussions involving the first year experiences of students and DEIA initiatives. Through his art and community involvement, Jaime seeks to challenge perceptions and support the Arts and education of future generations.

Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:

  • 2021, Waiting, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, CO
  • 2021 Pa’lante, The Momentary, Bentonville, AR
  • 2020, Socially Distanced, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Snowmass, CO
  • 2019 If Once We Ever Were, Black Cube, Denver Colorado
  • 2019 Octopus Initiative, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, Colorado
  • 2018, Border/Land, El Paso Museum of Art, El Paso, Texas
  • 2018, A Stones Throw, Pensacola Museum of Art, Pensacola, Florida
  • 2017 Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place , Denver Art Museum, Denver, CO
  • 2017 New York Times , Robert ITO, “Trump Proposed a Wall. They Imagined How it Would Work,” April 21, 2017.
  • 2017 ArtForum , Chelsea Weathers, “Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place,” April 23, 2017
  • 2017 HyperAllergic , Yasmeen Siddiqui, “Reframing the American West Through Latinx Eyes,” April 21, 2017

Course Credentialing
FD 1020A – 2D Design: Elements + Principles, FD 1120A – Topics in Color, FD 1600 – Studio Seminar: Methods of Inquiry, FD 2130A – 3D Design: Space + Materiality, FD 2220 – Time-based Media, FD 2510 – Special Topics, ART 1110 – Ceramics I, ART 1170 – Sculpture I, ART 2000 – Fine Arts Sophomore Portfolio Review, ART 2210 – Ceramics II, ART 2270 – Sculpture II, ART 2400 – Form + Content, ART 3270 – Sculpture III, ART 3301 – Special Topics in Fine Arts, ART 3500 – Experimental Studies, ART 3601 – Fine Arts Internship Part I, ART 3602 – Fine Arts Internship Part II, ART 4600 – Professional Practice, ART 4710 – Ceramics Advanced Studio, ART 4803 – Senior Studio I, ART 4804 – Senior Studio II, ART 2100 – Professional Practice Survey: Voice + Vision, ART 3100 – Professional Practice: Act + Aspire, ART 1120 – Ceramics: Handbuilding + Surfacing, ART 1190 – Sculpture: Armatures + Welding, ART 2220 – Ceramics: Throwing in the Round, ART 2290 – Sculpture: Cast + Assemble.

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