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jenny gawronsky

Jenny Gawronski, Ph.D.

Jenny is an artist, educator, and researcher. After earning her BFA in ceramics from Pennsylvania State University, Jenny completed two baccalaureate study years, one at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and the other in Sweden, at the Högskolan för konst och design. Further pursuing her artistic and academic passions, she earned an MFA in ceramics from Louisiana State University, then held artist residencies at the Byrdcliffe Guild in Woodstock, Artists in Residence at Vallauris, and the Benyamini Contemporary Ceramics Center in Tel Aviv. In her ceramic work, Jenny explores the form and function of objects used in the daily rituals of serving food and drink. She is interested in the personal sentiment and nostalgia that people develop through repeated use of functional objects. To investigate relationships between users and objects, Jenny often removes an object’s most basic function, leaving only a decorative skeleton to reveal its essential form, and thus affording viewers the opportunity to construct personal memories of the object’s ritualistic role.

In addition to her work as an artist, Jenny has taught art in K–12 and higher education settings. In Colorado, Jenny taught ceramics, metals, and graphic design at Arvada West High School, and as Assistant Professor of Art and Art Education at Adams State University. At Adams, she taught undergraduate and graduate courses in ceramics, as well as a sequence of three art education courses in which she worked closely with future art educators to develop their voices and pedagogical approaches as social justice educators.

Jenny’s interest in preservice teacher learning led her to the University of Washington in Seattle, where she earned a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, with an emphasis in Teacher Education. Her dissertation, “Understanding Preservice Teachers’ Use of Digital Technology to Support Their Learning & Teaching,” explores teacher learning in terms of how preservice teachers and mentor teachers use technology to support both their own learning and their teaching practice. Jenny’s research appears in books, such as Using Data to Improve Teacher Education (Teachers College Press, Columbia University), and in the Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education.

Course Credentialing

AE 1113 – Ceramics for Educators: Independent Studio, AE 1160 – Printmaking for Educators, AE 1170 – Sculpture for Educators, AE 2000 – Art Education Sophomore Portfolio Review, AE 2215 – Introduction to Art Education, AE 2220 – Philosophy of Art + Education, AE 2230 – Psychology of Creativity, AE 2241 – Design for Learning (formerly AE 2240 – Instructional Technology), AE 3000 – Art Education Junior Portfolio Review, AE 3221 – Equity in Learning, AE 3241 – Critical Issues in Art Education, AE 3263 – Methods of Art Education K-12 Part I, AE 3264 – Methods of Art Education K-12 Part II, AE 3281 – Assessing Learning + Teaching, AE 4246 – Learning Environments, AE 4256 – Student Teaching I, AE 4266 – Student Teaching II, AE 4933 – Student Teaching Seminar Part I, AE 4934 – Student Teaching Seminar Part II.

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