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Regan Rosburg, MFA

Regan is from Colorado Springs, CO and currently lives in Lakewood, CO. She holds a BFA from CU Boulder and an MFA from Lesley University College of Art and Design (LUCAD). Regan is an interdisciplinary artist who weaves together science, psychology, history, and social engagement. With a passion for studying various ecosystems and biota, her work investigates not only the exquisite intelligence of ecology, but also the causes and ramifications of over-consumption. She encourages students to use critical thinking and symbolic language to engage their audience through their work. Regan’s teaching style allows students to identify their strengths and challenges, learn via experimentation, and explore through research.

Her favorite part of teaching at RMCAD is the community, including faculty, staff and students. She believes that student exposure to professional, working artists and designers is paramount to a student’s education and sets RMCAD apart from others. Regan is an avid supporter of the VASD Program, which exposes students to a myriad of working professionals and challenges students to push the limits with their work. Regan loves being outdoors and finds peace and inspiration from nature, traveling, and exploring different cultures. She is currently learning to speak Portuguese, and is a proud cat owner.

Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:
Publications and interviews include: BBC Culture, The New Art Examiner, Yale University’s “Order of Multitudes” (2020-2021 Mellon-Sawyer Seminar), the IGI International Journal of Civic Engagement and Social Change, Truthout, CPR News, The Shambhala Times (CAN), Elysian Magazine, One Resilient Earth, and the Denver Post. Her residencies include: the Arctic Circle Residency (Norway), RedLine (CO), S*Park (CO), Ayatana (CAN), and the Oak Spring Garden Foundation (VA). She is an environmental artistic advisor for the Center of Local Prosperity (Nova Scotia) and an Artistic Director of Cayo Residency (Brazil).

Course Credentialing
ART 1140 – Painting I, ART 2100 Professional Practice Survey: Voice + Vision (formerly ART 2000 – Fine Arts Sophomore Portfolio Review), ART 2240 – Painting II, ART 2400 – Form + Content, ART 3240 – Painting III, ART 3301 – Special Topics in Fine Arts, ART 3500 – Experimental Studies, ART 3601 – Fine Arts Internship Part I, ART 3602 – Fine Arts Internship Part II, ART 3100 (formerly ART 4600 – Professional Practice), ART 4740 – Painting Advanced Studio, ART 4803 – Senior Studio I, ART 4804 – Senior Studio II, FD 1120 – Topics in Color, FD 1235 – Observational Drawing, FD 1370 – Life Drawing I, FD 1600 – Studio Seminar: Methods of Inquiry, FD 2510 – Special Topics

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