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RMCAD Faculty

Sarah Schinbeckler, M.Arch.

Sarah is originally from Carmel, Indiana and currently lives in Broomfield, Colorado. Sarah holds her Bachelor’s in Architecture from Ball State University and Master’s in Architecture from the University of Kansas. She specializes in urban sketching and residential interior design. 

Her teaching style is teaching students not what to think, but how to think. She states that guiding students to the right resource for the answers is easy in most cases. All you have to do is tell them a page number and cite a specific table, diagram, or drawing. Outside of a textbook there is a world of resources that need to become known to them – and that is where she comes in. Helping students think critically not only about how to deliver the appropriate content, but how to think resourcefully and access tools to help them along the way is crucial.

She enjoyed the final juried presentations from Sustainable Office Design. The students went above and beyond with the modeling, teamwork, presentation, and finish selections. Their work was exposed to industry professionals, family, and friends. It was pure joy!

In her spare time, Sarah loves urban sketching and to keep her creative expression sharp. Lastly, she enjoys traveling with her partner and reading murder mysteries on the beach.

Recent Exhibitions, Significant Work, or Publications:

LEED Associate

Course Credentialing
ID 1230 – Introduction to Sustainable Design, ID 1510 – Survey of Interior Design, ID 1710 – Drafting, ID 2000A – Interior Design Sophomore Portfolio Review, ID 2530 – Building Codes + Regulations, ID 2710 – Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD), ID 2750 – Architectural Perspective + Rendering Techniques, ID 2840 – Design Process + Planning, ID 3000 – Interior Design Junior Portfolio Review, ID 3610 – Interior Design Professional Practices, ID 3715 – Building Information Modeling: Revit, ID 4000 – Interior Design Senior Portfolio Review, ID 4715 – Advanced Building Information Modeling: Revit, IDSD 2860 – Sustainable Residential Design, IDSD 3845 – Sustainable Hospitality Design, IDSD 3870 – Sustainable Office Design, ID 4611 – Interior Design Internship Program Part I, ID 4612 – Interior Design Internship Program Part II, ID 4887 – Capstone Project Part III, IDSD 4886 – Capstone Project Part II, IDSD 4885 – Capstone Project Part I

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