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tom thompson

Tom Thompson, MArch

Tom Thompson has over 25 years of experience in architecture, planning, construction and education. In addition to his architecture practice, Tom teaches architectural design courses at RMCAD. Tom earned his BA in Architecture from Iowa State University and his Master’s Degree in Architecture from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Tom chose to practice architecture because of his belief that everyone has the power to improve the human environment through the realization of thoughtful design. He believes strongly in a multi-disciplinary approach to both design and education, and that the successful design professional must have a strong appreciation of the human sense of place, the multitude of disciplines intertwined in the creation of architecture, and in the many paradoxes that all designers strive to resolve in order to create a better world.

Course Credentialing

ID 1230 – Introduction to Sustainable Design, ID 1510 – Survey of Interior Design, ID 1710 – Drafting, ID 2530 – Building Codes + Regulations, ID 2710 – Introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD), ID 2750 – Architectural Perspective + Rendering Techniques, ID 2840 – Design Process + Planning, ID 3000 – Interior Design Junior Portfolio Review, ID 3510 – Building Structures + Systems, ID 3530 – Lighting Layout + Design, ID 3610 – Interior Design Professional Practices, ID 4000 – Interior Design Senior Portfolio Review, IDSD 2860 – Sustainable Residential Design, IDSD 2870 – Sustainable Holistic Design, IDSD 3845 – Sustainable Hospitality Design, IDSD 3870 – Sustainable Office Design, IDSD 4250 – Sustainable Design Senior Portfolio Review, IDSD 4885 – Captstone Project I (formerly IDSD 4881 – Senior Project I: Sustainable Design Research), IDSD 4886 – Capstone Project Part II (formerly IDSD 4882 – Senior Project II: Sustainable Design Project), ID 4887 – Capstone Project Part III (formerly ID 4883 – Senior Project III: Construction Documents).

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