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Thursday, March 14, 2019
1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

RMCAD Library 

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Learn more about RMCAD’s amazing faculty at this ongoing series. This week’s presenters are Teddy S. Lee (Foundations/Fine Arts) and Stig Plantell (Animation).

And there will be free lunch!


Born and raised in Colorado, Teddy grew up in a very creative family. Her mother was an accomplished animal and landscape artist, her brothers and husband accomplished musicians. She has studied under Mark Thompson, master egg-tempra artist; Jim Valone, master figure artist and anatomist; John Lencicki, fine artist; and RMCAD founder Phillip J. Steele. Teddy studied with many of RMCAD’s highly regarded professors in the seventies and eighties and received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts degree in 2001.

Teddy taught recreationally for North Jefferson County and Foothills Park and Recreations Districts in 1986 and was an instructor for the Lakewood Arts Council and the City of Lakewood in the late-90’s. She juried The Best of Jefferson County, which was sponsored by the Lakewood Arts Council and Red Rocks Community College in 1998. All the while, Teddy began teaching alongside Phil Steele in 1988 and continues to share her knowledge and experience of art with the students of Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design to this day.

Teddy has won numerous subject matter and media awards, including Best of Show for Adolph Coors Art Show in 1992. She has exhibited at the Arrowhead Gallery in Golden, Colorado from 1998 to 2004 and continues to paint with various forms of media. She has juried for Golden Fine Arts Festival from 2002 to 2004. She has a passion for sharing her knowledge and continues to conduct drawing and painting demonstrations and workshops (figurative and otherwise) for various leagues and art organizations in the greater Denver Area.


As a full-time RMCAD faculty member of the Animation and Game Art department, Stig Plantell utilizes his distinctive skill-set to help students target their dreams and creative aspirations.

Having success as a: professional character animator, award winning training film director, television lighting & set designer, feature film camera operator and international stuntman. Stig has always managed a career in narrative storytelling and juggling those aspects within.

Beginning at age ten, Stig’s first professional gig was in set design, then he moved on as an award winning magician performing at neighborhood birthday parties and social events. Home from college on summer break, Stig earned his way into the live action stunt biz by winning an audition for a wild western comedy troupe at Elitch Gardens.

All this time, Stig did lots of drawing and three dimensional design. Once, Stig had a dragon sculpture, of his own creation, stolen. A formal police investigation recovered the piece, after two weeks, and forever validated his work as an artistic designer.

Experimenting with stop motion and storytelling throughout his early life, Stig spent lots of time with his super 8mm film camera. He found animation to be extremely tedious and very challenging. He broke into both the animation and live action media industries, while living in Hollywood. He worked for legends such as Roger Corman, Mike Finnel and Joe Dante. Stig has also been involved with projects featuring: Hulk Hogan, Jim Varney, Pamela Anderson, Carmelo Anthony, Daryl Hanna and Adam West.

Unbeknownst to himself, Stig was training for a career in motivational speaking as an animation instructor the entire time. During his art-life adventure, Stig has learned to get really tough, celebrate failure and embrace life like an interdisciplinary all-star. He also reminds students and colleagues, alike, that obstacles should be welcomed as a signifier of being on the right path.


The Faculty Focus Series provides an opportunity to highlight and celebrate RMCAD faculty’s work and accomplishments as artists, researchers, and practitioners. Throughout this exciting and ongoing series, faculty members provide insight into their creative endeavors outside of the classroom and how those activities influence and energize their expertise and leadership within the RMCAD community.

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