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EMDT Program


The EMDT Master of Arts program combines the latest in digital technology with essential principles of storytelling and art, inspiring students in the application of creative teaching methodologies and instructional design. Are you ready to exercise your imagination? Explore the captivating world where education, design and technology come together in perfect symmetry in RMCAD’s EMDT Program.

Program Highlights

Digital Storytelling

Learning Theories

Instructional Media Design

Game Strategies

Ubiquitous Learning

Branding for Educators

Online MA Degree Requirements

3 Credits: Social Learning Spaces
3 Credits: Multiple Learning Theories
3 Credits: Presentation Design + Delivery
3 Credits: Education Design + Evaluation
3 Credits: Instructional Media Design
2 Credits: Portfolio Project Planning
3 Credits: UX for Educators
3 Credits: Digital Storytelling
3 Credits: Game Strategies + Motivation
3 Credits: Elective: Branding for Educators or Instructional Technology Practicum
3 Credits: Ubiquitous Learning
2 Credits: Portfolio Project Presentation

34 Total Credit Hours

RMCAD’s Online Education Media Design & Technology (EMDT) Master of Arts curriculum is designed to develop the instructional skills of today’s creative educators by bringing technology and design together in a seamless fashion. You’ll emerge with an invigorated approach to teaching that will coalesce into the development of a personalized digital portfolio and research project.

Program curriculum includes fundamental courses that cover how to conceptualize, analyze, design, develop, and evaluate educational content and instructional design technologies. But you’ll also be learning creative problem-solving techniques and strategies for utilizing technology to support teaching and learning. Moreover, you’ll be doing it in a convenient virtual learning setting. Students can expect:

  • Dedicated online faculty with real-world experience
  • Consistent collaboration with online faculty and other students
  • Access to advanced technology

A RMCAD EMDT degree gives you more options to explore as an educator. Graduates can choose to pursue a variety of careers, such as:

  • Classroom Instructor
  • Curriculum Designer
  • Media Specialist
  • Technology Instructor
  • Assessment Designer
  • Multimedia Specialist
  • Designer of Training Materials

As a student in the Online EMDT Program, you’ll be designing technology enhanced teaching strategies, developing intriguing and effective instructional media tools, and analyzing educational and technological trends to incorporate into your digital portfolio and eventually to put into practice when you graduate.

Get ready to feel the power of discovery with a Masters Degree in Education Media Design & Technology from RMCAD.

Instructional Technology Endorsement

RMCAD’s Education Media Design + Technology Master of Arts Program offers an Instructional Technology Endorsement that is one of only four approved by the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), so you can confidently highlight yourself as a skilled technology integration expert and pursue careers in technology leadership and coaching.

*To qualify for the Instructional Technology Endorsement, you must be certified with a Colorado teaching license and have been teaching for 3 years.


To teach the teacher requires educators with a passion for sharing knowledge and transforming lives through higher learning. You'll be learning from faculty with that same passion who also have a history of success working in the world of media design and technology.


Join us as we continue to learn new ways to teach and new ways to learn at our next event!

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