Portfolio Instructions

1. Select 10-15 pieces of your best work.

  • Include at least one drawing from observation.
  • All pieces should be in a digital format, either from a scan, photo or computer file.
  • Artwork should be original and showcase your creative and technical skills.
  • Transfer students must submit a minimum of 10 pieces. If you have taken any college-level art or design courses, include examples of work that demonstrate the skills you gained from the class. 

2. Create an account with SlideRoom.

  • Visit slideroom login
  • Create your account and confirm via email.
  • Follow instructions to upload attachments and media.

3. Label all images and submissions.

  • Include your full name and student number within your presentation.
  • Provide brief descriptions of each piece including title, medium, size and completion date.
  • If any of your work has been published and/or is available on the Internet, please note that in your submission.

4. Compose a Statement of Intent.

  • A word-processed Statement of Intent that explains your areas of interest and career goals. Keep this statement brief and concise, not more than one page.
  • The Statement of Intent should demonstrate the student’s ability to construct a document that is well organized, free of grammatical, syntax, spelling errors and exhibits original voice.
  • The Statement of Intent should be submitted as a separate document, i.e. it should not be included within the portfolio.
  • Some topics for consideration include:
    • Why do you want to pursue a career in the art and design fields?
    • Are there particular people, places and/or events that have influenced your career goals? If so, explain how they have shaped your future interests and aspirations.
    • Remember this is a professional statement and should address where you want to be rather than focusing on your past accomplishments.
    • Consider addressing and defining your personal, artistic style as well as what makes you different, separating your from other applicants.
    • Address why you are interested in RMCAD and how you can contribute to our professional community.
    • Familiarize yourself with RMCAD’s mission, vision and values and address how these ideals are present within your own work and future professional aspirations.

5. Submit your Portfolio and Statement of Intent.

What if I don't have a portfolio?

If you are new to art and design and do not have a portfolio yet please create new pieces of artwork to submit. Artwork may include hand drawings, paintings, digital art, photography and more. Aim to keep your submissions specific to the nature of your degree program (example: Interior Design, Game Art, Commercial Photography, etc.). Portfolio content will not affect admission to the college and new students will not be penalized for rudimentary portfolio submissions.

Select 10-15 pieces of your best work.
Create an account with SlideRoom.
Label all images and submissions.
Compose a Statement of Intent.
Submit your Portfolio and Statement of Intent.